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cheap camcorder for MA?

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Hi guys, 


I'd like your opinions on a cheap camcorder for MA. On the cheap end (sub-$250) most of the camcorders seem to have low/no optical zoom, are super flimsy, or don't work well in less than ideal lighting conditions. I guess that you get what you pay for--but are there any hidden gems you've come across? 

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I did this search too and could not find what I considered suitable candidates in that price range - based on image stabilization, zoom, and light responsiveness.The Panasonic TM90 which I saw advertized (early in my search) for 399 fits what I was looking for. It is currently running about 10% above that. When it hits sub 400 price again I plan to buy.

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most cameras have pretty good video ability nowdays with image stabilization and zoom. My panasonic zs3 does and the sony line does as well. They work really nicely although don't look like a video camera -- imho if thats your hang up go ahead and buy a true video camera. Otherwise get one of these nice point and shoots and you're set. 1080p with zoom.


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Have you considered a GoPro, perhaps second hand?

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