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Got fitted for boots this season. It has been a while....

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I previously owned a pair of Nordica Sport Machine boots I got when I was learning how to ski a few years back.   Did not do much fitting back then just tried on some boots and found the Nordica's felt "right" on my feet.   I have long, wide, flat, feet and so finding shoes alone is usually tricky enough nevermind ski boots.   So this year I decided I wanted to upgrade to a stiffer set of boots since my skiing skills have advanced quite a bit over the last few years.   In any case,  went to my local boot shop and brought in my old boots for the guy as a reference.   He measured my foot and asked me some questions and then proceeded to bring out some boots for me to try on.   We started with the Nordica Firearrow's since I mentioned how well the Nordica's had fit me in the past and that I might be inclined to give Nordica another go and he said that Nordica's do fit the profile of my feet being wider than most other boots.  So I went right away to the Firearrow f3's and they were a bit snug,  less comfortable than I would like but my foot seem to fit well in them.   Had slight pressure on the sides and toes and he said that is normal that I want to feel that because the boot liner will expand over time and I don't want too much room in there.


Anyhow,  I said I liked them but thought I would try on other boots and see how they feel.  So I tried on a set of Technica's and Rossi's as well.  I am forgetting the exact model's at this time but I can say that the Technicas were very uncomfortable for me and the Rossi's were a little TOO comfortable.   Based on my feedback he suggested I give the Firearrow F3's a go and that after a couple times out we could adjust them or swap them if need be to make sure I am happy.  So I feel pretty confident with the purchase.   


But I have worn them around the house just to get the feel for them and after about 20 mins I was getting some circulation cut to my foot and there was some pressure on the sides,  but no pain or anything like that.  I am guessing this is NORMAL for a brand new boot and just need to give them a few tries before making a decision (as they suggested).  Right?

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With a swap out guarantee, I wouldn't worry too much.  Wait for the snow and givem a go!


note: just sitting around the house with new boots on will not feel good after a short period if the boots are snug enough.  If you are going to try to break them in a bit at home be sure to keep moving and flexing to simulate skiing movements so your circulation has a chance to circulate!

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agree with bud. strongly suggest to all of our customers that after purchase, the first time they should "try" the boot, is the first day you ski. put the boot on in the lodge and ski. if the boot feels too tight, you keep skiing. if there are specific points of pain, like bone on shell pain, return to the shop for necessary adjustments.


from a boot fitters perspective, the "home try-on" leads to phantom fit work. that means fixing problems that do not yet exist. there is so much liner compression that takes place in the first 3 days of skiing, and there is not a great method to simulate that compression other than skiing.


truth be told with most of the "home try-on" boot fit remorse, is that skiers put them on and sit down in front of the tv, or for dinner with the boots fully buckled. of course they cut off circulation in that position.


if you are not leveraging the foot back into the heel pocket with forward pressure on your shin, a properly sized and fit boot should cut off blood flow and feel uncomfortable while you are either just standing or sitting down.


it is a very fine line between suffering and having a perfect boot fit experience.



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Good points,  I will hold judgement until I get to ski in them.   I actually love the look of these boots so I hope they end up working out for me.   Although that is more of a secondary concern.

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Agree, dont do home try-on. Being a city shop and most of my city skiers dont have the luxury to ski and then run back to the ski shop where they bought the boots. So I recommend doing the following, On a cold nite or day put your ski boots on and go outside with your skis and click-in. First to protect  your skis place a towel on the ground. Then for 10-15 minutes flex the boots as if you were skiing. If theres minor discomfort that should break in but if your foot gets knumb or is in pain you may need boot work. 


Jeffrey S. Rich C. Ped


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