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Women's All Mountain Ski for Squaw???

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I just moved to the bay from CO and I need new skis.  


I'm 5'6 and 140lbs.  Agressive skier, like to ski EVERYTHING, bumps, trees, bowls, especially skiing fast on groomers.  I'll mostly be on-piste this year. So I'm looking for a good all mountain ski that will charge through that sierra cement and not chatter at high speeds, but also have fun in the bumps and trees.  


I skied the Blizzard Crush last year and I absolutely LOVED them but I want to try out more.  I'm open to any suggestions! 


Thanks for the help!



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For a daily driver, I'd pick the Blizzard Black Pearl, hands down! Blizzards flip core at 88mm under foot, is my daily driver, and I like something this width, but many people at Squaw like something a little wider, like 98 ish....


Other skis that come to mind that I really liked when I tested skis

Salomon Geisha.

 Kastle BMX98

Atomic Elysian


Or the Crush that you already skied and like a ton!


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Welcome to the Bay Area. You're going to love skiing here. Way nicer weather than CO. We'll get you off-piste before long though.


If you've already got some skis you can use, try demoing lots of options from Start Haus and/or Tahoe Daves (buy from Start Haus).

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For your a stronger skier like yourself, I wouldn't dismiss a few of the unisex skis like a Bonafide in a 166. 

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Thanks guys,


Great advice.  I would like to demi a few times before I purchase.  A LOT of people have steered me in the direction of the Kiku's or Aura's... any thoughts on those?  I'll definitely check out the one you guys suggested.


AND I CAN'T WAIT to get off-piste!!!



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The Kiku and Aura are good skis, but volkl has a different feel and it would be smart to demo back to back with some other skis to get an idea.  

Generally the kiku are stiffer and may be a little less forgiving when the day gets chopped up. 

As always YMMV

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You'll love the Crushes in Tahoe.  I'm from Colorado, too, and now live in the Bay Area and ski at Squaw/Alpine.  The Crushes are great in powder, bust through the Sierra cement, and hold on edge on the groomers.  I had the best skiing day of my life on these on a big storm day last winter.  I demo'd the Kikus and didn't like them.  They were fine in the powder, but I didn't like them as an all mountain ski.  If you're skiing at Squaw, it gets skied out pretty early on a powder day, so you do end up skiing on some groomers.  (It's not like Alta where you can ski all day in the powder.)  So, you'll probably want a good all mountain ski.  I haven't tried the Aura, but my boyfriend has the Mantra (men's version of the Aura) and likes it.  But, he grew up in Tahoe and still lives there.  He could ski on plywood and still be a great skier.  Hope this helps!

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