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S7 or Kung Fujas

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S7 in 178cm; 140/110/118 TR: 14.8M

Kung Fujas in 169cm; 133/102/127 TR: 17.9M


Both skis back to back, the S7 runs short (who would of thought huh?), and is only about an inch taller compared to the K2's. (178vs169cm)



S7: medium tip and tail, stiffest underfoot, fairly consistent throughout.

K2: Medium in the tip, soft in the tail, stiff underfoot.


Basically I'm trying to decide between these two skis as I have the opportunity to get either for ~500$ with bindings (in 2012 models). Looking for a playful, fun ski for all conditions. Since I'm lightweight ~110#, 5'4", level 7-8 depending on conditions, quite aggressive for my weight though (despite this I still want a fun ski). Only have a couple concerns with each ski which isn't allowing me to decide between the two hissyfit.gif.


Obviously with the S7 it would be it's hard snow performance, from what I've read they say they can rail on hard snow or they say they are decent, just at my weight do I need to be as concerned? Obviously almost everywhere else the S7 performs well, at my weight do I need to be concerned with it being to soft for crud? (I don't think so but I might be wrong). Lastly how do they perform in bumps? Since they're so nimble I don't think it should be a problem. Couple things I like about the S7 though is the centered sidecut, resulting in a tight radius, more slalom turns (which is good for what I want), much more consistent flex compared to the K2's, and also they feel lighter.


As for the K2's I believe they will perform better on hard snow (would love to be wrong though XD). The inconsistent flex isn't really a bad thing, if anything it would give the ski for versatility for snow conditions. How would the K2's compare to the S7's in tight spots and quick turns (basically maneuverability), be that in trees, bumps or quick turns on-piste. And float, I have this strange feeling that since it doesn't have as much rocker in the tip or the pin tail that it won't float nearly as good, or even good for that matter, especially compared to the S7, so how do they perform in powder?


So yeah, I got a lot of question between the two, hopefully you guys could help me out. So between the two I basically want a ski that will work good to great in most conditions, but excel more in trees and tight spots, but also still have quick perform on-piste.


If you have anymore questions feel free to PM me or just post them. And thanks for reading this far, I know I got a lot questions, hopefully you guys can help me make a choice :).



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Overall, i think the Fujas would be the better choice. Nice and nimble off piste, but can absolutley RAIL on a groomer

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I've never skied the Kung Fujas.  I have a pair of S7s and love them.  They are good on groomers.  I don't see much ice and wouldn't be using them on icy days anyway, but they are fun on softer groomers and not so hard hard pack.  They like to be on some sort of an edge and not run flat.  I find them pretty stable in spite of the negative stability at speed comments that I keep hearing.  I don't consider myself a FAST skier, but I pass far more skiers than pass me and most civilians can't keep up with me on my days off.  I like them in bumps, but bumps aren't my thing even though I ski them everyday.  To me they are part of off-piste skiing, but I never really seek them out.  The 188 S7 is heavy for a bumper and a bit damp, but I like it and it works for me.  It is very good in mixed conditions and tight trees.

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^^^ What he said. Can't speak to the KF, have heard they're a nice ski, S7's are weirdly versatile for lighter skiers. Including crud and hardpack. Their 5 point design has a small learning curve, since you ski them differently on pack than in pow, but once you've figured it out they'll give you a bunch of smiles. Cannot imagine using a non-5 point for trees now...

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Thanks guys, just not sure if the S7 would work for an everyday ski for me. Thinking the K2's might be better for that, still not 100% sure though.

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The s7 would probably work as an everyday, the k2 would just be better

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Thanks guys, just not sure if the S7 would work for an everyday ski for me. Thinking the K2's might be better for that, still not 100% sure though.


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Originally Posted by poNTOonMcConks View Post

The s7 would probably work as an everyday, the k2 would just be better


Kinda what I'm thinking.

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i'll second the Kung fujas. (havn't skied the the s7)   they are great in the powder and you can jump back onto the hard pack and rail them.  there will be a bit or tip flap(as with all rockered skis) and they do have a speed limit(a pretty high one though).  they are a great all round ski.



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