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Volkl AC50 or Kendo

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Before people jump on me, I did a search, and have read about a dozen threads, but none really talk about the specific difference in the two besides the fact the AC50 is 85mm under foot and the Kendo is 88mm under foot.


I'm 5'10" and weigh 175.  I'm level 9 skier, and will be skiing mostly in Arizona, but will take trips 1-2 times a season to Utah, New Mexico, Tahoe, etc. (all the stuff that is a day's drive from Phoenix for a week trip or so).


I ski mostly front side, and love to rip fast, slalom turns on the groomers and in the crud.  I don't ski much powder, mostly because I ski with my family, and they are still beginners for now.  So what are the pro's and con's of each of the skis?  My only worry about the Kendo is they won't turn as fast as I might like.

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The ONLY similarity between these two skis is that they are only 3mm apart in width and have Volkl written on them. These are two completely different skis in design and construction. The AC50 is a system ski with Volkls "power rails and wide ride (marker Griffon) binding, the Kendo is a traditional sandwich construction design that you can put your own choice of binding on. The AC50 is a very stiff unforgiving hard snow biased ski, the Kendo is a lighter all mountain ski that is just as comfortable off piste as on. The AC50 is 75/25 hard snow and the Kendo is more 50/50. Why are you just limiting yourself to  one manufacturer? From what you are looking for an AC50 TYPE ski with some great options such as the Blizzard 8.7, K2 Aftershock, Fischer Motive and even the new Volkl RTM84. 



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I've heard good things about the Kendo for your application. Key practical difference is that AC50 has been discontinued, and that Kendo is sold flat whereas AC50 has an integrated binding system.


You might be able to find a good deal on the AC50 on clearance. I demoed the AC50 in the East and liked it, so I snapped up an excellent deal on the similar AC30. I spent all last season on the AC30, mostly on the East coast with one trip to Colorado, and feel it is a great ski for my purposes (in-bounds groomed, moguls, ice, crud, steeps when I can find them, only shallow powder so far) and ablility level (7 striving for 8, assuming 8 means "can ski all moguls perfectly").


All that being said, if I lived out West like you do (and I am working on that!) I'd be looking into the Blizzard flipcore series. I have one on my wish list for the 2012-2013 season.


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I am a web designer, and I'm re-doing the website of one of my local ski shops.  They don't carry K2, but they do have Line, Rossi, Head, Salomon and a few others.  So I'm using some of the money to get a whole new set up, and of the skis they have, I like the Kendo the best, but there was a pair of AC50's that got skied twice that are on consignment there.  I have this week to make up my mind on which ski and binding set up I am going with.


Thanks for the feedback!

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I'm curious what you ended up getting and how it worked out for you.


I don't have experience on a lot of different skis, but I've spent time on both the AC40 (~150 days), and on the Kendo (8 days so far this season).  I loved the AC40s, and I love the Kendos even more.  I've definitely found the Kendos nimble enough on turns, and fast as all get out.  Much lighter.  Floats better.  Endless fun.





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