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Big boots?

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Hi all,


I am 16 years old 6" 7' 300lbs and have size 17 feet.  I am a fairly advanced skier, comfortable on blacks and i can do double blacks. Anyways, I bought a pair of Technica Mega 12s a couple of years ago size 325 and they dont fit anymore.  I like to ski every condition fast.  I would like to know if anyone makes a big boot besides companies like Strolz?  Or, is there anything i could do to make mine big enough to fit me.  I think they would fit if they were just a little bigger in the foot, but I also have really big calves and they don't fit in the boot if my foot is all the way in. 


Thanks all,




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Size 17 feet and just a few years ago you bought a 325 shell!!!!!!  Damn man I'll bet we could sit and actually watch you grow.  I agree the boots you currently have would fit if they were bigger in the foot, best way to accomplish that in your case is to buy a second pair of boots, cut the very end of the toe off the first and graft on the entire second pair.


And now seriously I'm not aware of anyone besides Strolz who makes something that will fit you, but maybe some of the other guys know a model I don't.  Good luck!



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lou, pretty sure he meant size 32.5 rather than 325mm sole, think it may be strolz as the only option, i certainly can't think of another one

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daleboot can do amazing things. contact a dealer, or the factory direct in utah.



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I think both nordica and salomon make a 33 or 34 shell  (369mm) but usually is just a special order, pre-season thing...

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wasn't aware daleboot went that big, but for a boot which will grow with your skiing and has all sorts of bits that can be replaced over the years that is the direction i would look

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Check out nordica's I've had great success with fitting size 17 feet...u will need a goot bootfitter to get u extra toe room.


Jeffrey S. Rich C. Ped.

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Hi Kirby,


     You mentioned big calves (a circumference of more than 14 inches at top of liner) which will push your foot forward as you move your knees upward,  (the top of the shell will act as a fulcrum and seesaw your foot forward).  I would suggest you "shell fit" the boots as mentioned in the wiki at the start of this section to see if you need a bigger boot.

If the shell fit is good then get the cuff of the shell flared to the rear to accommodate your calves.



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Thanks all for your help and suggestions.  I will certainly looking into Daleboots and will fit my calves tomorrow.

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Hi again,

Nordica's  Hot Rod  7.5, 8.5, and 9.5 comes in a size 32. Tecnica's Mega 10 comes in a size 33.


Jeffrey S. Rich C. Ped.

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