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Hi all,


I am 16 years old 6" 7' 300lbs and have size 17 feet.  I am a fairly advanced skier, comfortable on blacks and i can do double blacks. Anyways, I bought a pair of Technica Mega 12s a couple of years ago size 325 and they dont fit anymore.  I like to ski every condition fast.  I would like to know if anyone makes a big boot besides companies like Strolz?  Or, is there anything i could do to make mine big enough to fit me.  I think they would fit if they were just a little bigger in the foot, but I also have really big calves and they don't fit in the boot if my foot is all the way in. 


Thanks all,


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Unless I'm mistaken there are a few models that come in a 34, but they tend to be softer comfort oriented boots. ( here's one) If you are that tall and heavy and advancing and ski in Montana you probably want something stiffer.


The answer as always is to find a bootfitter who will either modify a smaller boot for your foot or perhaps stiffen a larger boot that already fits. If, however, you're feet are still growing then economics might mean that you should just go for something cheap that fits (like the Heads in the link) and worry about getting the exact performance you are looking for when your feet reach their full mature size. That's what I did at your age, but my issue was about width and large calves, not length.


If you are interested in a custom boot then check out Daleboot, which will not cost significantly more (and perhaps less) than extensively modifying a stiff high end boot.

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Your question should probably go into the Ask the Boot Guys forum.  Anyhow, Daleboot can easily make a boot to fit you. Since the boot is custom there will be no issue with fit or will get what you ask for (Daleboot clogs are as stiff as a race boot anyway, and they can customize the variable forward flex).

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Here's a 350:


And b/c you are apparently the only person w/ super large feet, I can prolly get the owner to come down to $200 incl shipping.biggrin.gif



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Originally Posted by Smartyiak View Post

Here's a 350:


And b/c you are apparently the only person w/ super large feet, I can prolly get the owner to come down to $200 incl shipping.biggrin.gif




I think you are confusing the Mondopoint size and the BSL.

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Collingwood - 705-445-9777
445 First Street, Collingwood, Ontario L9Y 1B9
General Manager - Cameron Alma

Mon -Fri: 10-6, Closed on Tuesday, Sat: 9-5, Sun: 10-5


I was in this place a few weeks back and they had 1 pair of very large boots, but can't recall the make or size as they were clearly way to big for me.  You might try calling them and seeing what size they are.  If i recall correctly they were quite cheap as they were last years product unsold.  Don't know if the shipping/cross-border fees will be a problem, but their cost may offset that.


Good Luck!

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I wear a size 15 shoe, and a size 11( 29 ) ski boot. Find a great boot fitter. It is the only way to get a great boot.

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