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Honorable mention here for tiny vert is Blue Hills Ski area in Canton, MA.  200 vertical feet, but it has a terrain park. LOL

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i forgot about the expasion
well then glen eden in guelph ontario would take the cake- it is 90-100 vert

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I'd forgotten about Mulligan's Hollow Snow Ski Bowl near Grand Haven.  Base is at 651 elevation, peak is at 726 elevation for a total vertical drop of 75 feet.  Six trails, three rope tows.  Not sure if it's still in operation...



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Many days at Brandywine and Boston Mills with the high school ski club back in the early 80s.  The first 4 places I skied had a max vertical of 300'.


Starting with Crescent in Iowa at 300', Brandywine and Boston Mills at claimed "240" and Alpine Valley also in OH at 230'.  Glad to be closer to 1000' to 2000' + places within a few hours drive. 


Another poster talked about Wachussett with its 1000' vertical.  If you get there early enough you can do 10 before 10, getting 10,000' before the crowds roll out of bed and show up.

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Originally Posted by Cirquerider View Post

Boston Mills and Brandywine, OH claim an optimistic 240 vertical feet.  They have done a good job with the bulldozer building up the summit, but anyone who has been there knows, it's not even a ski hill, it is skiing into the Cuyahoga River Valley.  I think the area deserves the title for smallest vertical and highest density of enthusiastic skiers.  They all seem to have a smile on their face (or was that a grimace).

BMBW  sure does get a lot done with what they have to work with.



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Boston Mills is downright impressive!


boston mills.JPG

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Originally Posted by poNTOonMcConks View Post

You come up with some pretty odd threads haha. Resort with the smallest runs i've been to is Fortress in Alberta, but its closed now. Currently probably Blacktail mountain in Montana

Haa haa... not even close.  Fortress is a giant compared to some of the places I've skied.


Here's my vote.  Springhill Winter Park http://www.springhillwinterpark.com  It boasts a 130 foot vertical and a three tower quad chair.... unbelievable.  It also hosts one of the strongest and longest running masters race programs anywhere, and is home hill to three race clubs and two freestyle clubs.


I think they're exaggerating the vertical on their website, though, because I seem to recall it being 100 ft at one time, on the BIG run, and about 70 ft on the beginner run.


Panoramic SH.jpg



And here's a smaller one from the same region that I forgot about. Stony Mountain http://www.skistony.com/ boasting six runs and a 100 ft vertical.  Love the limestone quarry out-of-bounds area.





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My vote is for Mt. Ashland. Short, Steep and sweet.


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Mt Ashland?  You've got to be kidding.  With ~1200' of vertical it's bigger than anything between Whiteface and Colorado.  And that includes all of Ontario, Manitoba, and Saskatchewan.


Compare the picture above to this:




or this





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uhh ur bottom picture is a tube park
but yes k 1200 is giant to me coming from ontario where our biggest ski resort is 700 vert but my local one is 150 vert but the smallest one is 50.....

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Yes, that's the tubing area, but the skiing area is not much bigger:



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I have had the pleasure of sliding on both of these hills.


Brantling Ski Area, Western NY. Looks to be about 120 vertical feet.




I think each topo line is 40 feet.


Race central. Rumor has it Vonn learned here?


They have blue grass festivals in the summer.


Hidden Valley is a little gem stored deep in Missouri. Ski. Tube. Ride.

Hidden Valley.jpg


The website claims 340 vertical feet, but they must be adding laps together cause I only see 200 vertical feet.


40, 80, 120, 160, 200.

Hidden Valley Vertical.jpg

This place is a golf course in the summer.


Good times, noodle salad.

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Sunridge in Edmonton, you don't even need to turn it's so short.
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