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Binding advice for the Rossi B3?

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I have a pair of 178 B3's heading my way, and I need to pick a binding for them. I wanted to get some advice from the experts about bindings that I should look into.

I'm 5'9'', 145(naked), ski pretty agressively most of the time, like trees, steeps, and deeeeeeep snow.

Has anyone skied the B3's? with which binding? what's the deal with riser plates? what types of skis/conditions so you get the most benefit from them?

Bottom line: what is the BEST binding to put on the B3's and why?

Thanks in advance
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rossi or look

Why?? best bindings on the market
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1. rossi or look

my experience is they have less pre-release with a lower din than some other bindings. This seems to be echoed by others but I'm sure there are other opinions.

2. i'm not a big marker fan. my pair of g4's with markers consistently pre-released. my explosives with rossi's don't (and at lower din (8 vs 9).

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Look or Rossi seems to be the consensus amongst those in the know. so i thought i had the bindings issue resolved until i read this other thread about mounting points where it is suggested that a fore/aft adjustable binding (tyrolia?)is the way to go. especially with a ski like the B3 you could take advantage of this adaptability, from piste to steep chutes to deep powder you can change the skis pivot point.
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Could not go wrong with a Look/Rossi turntable.

If I could I would put them on my Atomics.
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You definitely want the Rossignol Axial binding. It is a great binding plus purchasing Rossignol bindings for Rossignol skis extends the warrantee of the ski.

Rossignol doesn't make it easy to figure out which model to pick. The first thing you have to decide is which DIN range you need. The 100 models have a range of 3-10, the 120 models have a range of 4-12 and the 140 models have a range of 5-14. Considering your weight you probably should be able to get by with the 100 model. The 140 would definitely be overkill. (The 140 bindings have the other disadvantage of being heavier than the 100 & 120 models).

The next decision is whether to go with a Scratch, Power Pro, Power Pro Ti or Power T-Plate binding. The Scratch models use graphite and are very light. They do not have any lifters which is preferred by people that ski in the terrain parks.

The Power Pro and Power Pro Ti models come with lifters that elevate the binding 6mm. The Ti models use Titanium in them to reduce weight but since the Power Pro 100 & 120 bindings are relatively light anyway I'm not sure they're worth the extra money. Most people prefer the extra lift to improve their ski's carving ability.

The T-Plate bindings come with a plate that elevates the bindings the same 6mm as the lifters on the Pro models. The plate is suppose to dampen vibrations and improve hard snow performance. Whether they do enough to warrant the extra expense and weight is a matter of opinion.

I would recommend getting the Power Pro 100 binding so you get the extra lift. If you plan on skiing a lot of hard snow on your B3s you might want to consider the Power T-Plate 100 binding.

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Look/Rossi definitely, regardless of what ski you get or what size you are. Zero pre-release, yet always release when you need them to. A couple of months ago I was lucky enough to get a set of ex-demo Dynastar Bigs mounted with pivot 12 demo bindings and wide brakes, I will put these bindings on every new set of fat skis I will own for the next decade.

On the one great powder day of the season 6 weeks ago I shifted the bindings back 1 cm and the result was for the tips to pop up and the tails to sink, which made it impossible to do anything but powder 8s. I promptly shifted them back to their recommended position but it was an interesting experience.
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Almost any binding is better than no binding..just kidding. Look/Rossi in the past used the same mounting points on the bindings...wonder who makes Rossi bindings.... That's been changed now though. I'd personally go with the Look binding they always seem more sturdy and I have rarely seen any problems where they are pre releasing. Good luck and happy skiing!!! [img]graemlins/thumbsup.gif[/img]
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Stick with a Rossi binding. It will give you a 2 year warrenty compared to a 1 year on the skis. Plus it makes for a very nice clean set up. If you use a Freeride Rossi boot, that is the shit. Very clean , everything fits, nice : setup. Sweet
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Get a 185 B3 to start...and then put a pair of Rossi's that go to at least a 12. As others have said, a riser helps a bit on the groomed, although the B3 isn't much of a groomer ski.
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I have a pair of marker freeride piston 1400's i could sell you for fairly inexpensive with wide brakes.
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What about Salomon? how did nobody mention Salomon or Marker? Are Rossi/Look bindings really that much better?

Besides the pre-release(or lack of) issue, what else makes them better?
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Another vote for Look/Rossi. I'e got Nova 10's and I've never prereleased or anything. They hold when they should, and the let go just as well (unless you freeze your boot to the binding which I did one time. That'll teach you to clean your boot soles before you click in!) They also have a very high snow tollerance, except for the above mentioned freezing issue, and one of the highest elastic travel ratings in the biz.
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Does Look make Rossi's bindings? Why can't I find any good info on Look bindings? http://www.dynastar.com doesn't allow you to click on the Look binding link. Any advice?

Also, should the binding be mounted somewhere other than center on the B3?
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Rossignol bought out Geze & Look bindings a while back. They took the Geze toe & Look turntable heel to create the Rossignol Axial binding & the current Look turntable binding. They are the same bindings but it is sometimes tricky to figure out which Rossignol & Look models are the same.
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Thanks for the info everyone! I guess I'm gonna go with the Rossi Power 120 Pro.
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one last thing...

what's the deal with Marker and Salomon? Do people really have pre-release problems with either of these companies?
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