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Side edges, Base, etc.

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Hi everyone,


I have been having my race skis tuned at the local shop but want to start doing the edges myself. This is what I run on them:


A) Slalom tuning spec: 1.0 tip/tail, .5 taper zone, flat underplat, 4 degree side edge

B) GS tuning spec: 1.5 tip/tail, 1.0 taper zone, .5 underplacte, 3 degree side edge


Could you tell me what equipment I need? I already have the wax stuff, swix table, vices, etc. I am confused as to what kind of file guides I need, etc. I searched a bit and there seems to be two kinds of guides out there: side and base. So for the above example in A for my slalom skis I guess I need a 4 degree side edge guide and a no base edge guide since its flat under the plate?!! What are tip/tail and taper zone specs and how do you achieve them. Same for the GS skis. Anything else I need? What kind of files, gummy stone?


A comprehensive answer is much appreciate! :)




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For economics, adjustable base and side bevel are one option. Depending on price point, there are an array of options. If you are only using 2 side edge angles a 93 degree SVST side edge beveler and 1 degree shim is a good option.


For more precision, the SVST The Final Cut dedicated base bevelers or Toko's Precision Base Beveler are excellent options.


As with guides, there are a ton of options and varying preferences and price points for cutting tools like files, diamonds and stones. A progression of cutting teeth from bastard, to 2nd cut and fine files are good to have. For diamonds a 100x, 200x, 400x, 600x & 1500x are ideal, but depending on preferences the 1500x may be more than desired. Same for the 600x. A gummy is a given as are a decent utility aluminum oxide stone. Ski Visions makes some stones that are a great value and can be redressed with a 100x diamond.


Often forgotten is a side wall planer or cutter. If the side wall is in the way, the diamonds or stones can't cut or polish the edges.


There is tons of information that can be found using the search function for a more comprehensive answer.

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