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I'd heard a few mentions of Tram Bars and got curious.  I swung by my local hippie food store and picked up a Caz Bar and a Grizzly Bar.


I really didn't like the Caz Bar.  It left a lingering soap flavor in my mouth.  I had been curious about the combination of cayenne pepper, dark chocolate, and garam masala.  Frankly, I'm still curious.  I didn't like this bar, but I don't think it's because of that.


The Grizzly Bar was better.  I chose it over the original Tram Bar because I prefer dark chocolate to milk chocolate.  It was fine: chocolatey, raisiney, nutty.  It left a "health food" impression, not a "candy" or "baked goods" impression.


In my final analysis, I think I'll stick to Clif Bars.  The price is about half.  I enjoy the taste more, at least the blueberry crisp and various combinations of chocolate and peanut.  The Clif Bar is less crumbly, which can be an issue on the lift.  I think the calorie density is greater in the Tram Bars, but I personally want something that's going to fill my stomach a bit so I don't "feel" hungry.


Anyone got any other suggestions?