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Beginner Skis

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Hi everyone


So my girl friend wanted to get into skiing this year and was wondring what ski would suit her best.

she is 5' 4" 120 lb. I was thinking of getting her a pair of used skis, perhaps the K2 Lotta Luv's?

I dont know much about womans skis and would appreciat any suggestions


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Is this her first time ever, Vasudeva? If so, I encourage you invest in almost anything BUT new skis for her. She'll do fine for the first day on a good set of rental equipment, in a lesson with a good instructor. If you want to get her some new equipment, invest in good boots and a professional fitting and setup.

I would not buy skis for a good while, until she has developed her technique and skiing preferences a bit. A ski that will be excellent for her after she gets a little experience will not be ideal for her as she makes her first turns, and may even encourage bad habits. A ski that is ideal for her as a first-timer is something she will probably outgrow soon. Good ski resorts generally have basic rental gear that is well-suited for the first learning experience (well, other than the boots, which are typically adequate at best). Some ski schools will start her out with specialized learning skis that can really accelerate the learning and fun on the first couple of days.

If you want to spend some money to help your girlfriend fall in love with the sport (you do, right?) and get on the right track to skiing excellence, here are a few items she'll need, in approximate order of priority:
  • lessons from a competent, professional instructor, with decent learning equipment from a good rental shop.
  • good gloves, sunglasses, and sunscreen
  • good fitting, well-set-up, quality boots
  • a nice outfit that will keep her warm and happy
  • your absence during the lessons
  • ...
  • ...
  • new skis

Perhaps "new skis" doesn't even belong on the list at all. As I've said, they actually will not be better (for learning) than the specialized learning equipment available from top ski schools. When she knows enough to know what kind of skis she likes, then is the time for a new Christmas present or something.

Best regards,
Bob Barnes
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One of the smartest bits of advice for a beginner beercheer.gif

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I have been having the same thoughts this pre-season.  I opted to push her to get a pair of new boots and found an older pair of skis i think she'll do fine with.  I've been skiing so long that i can't remember what was important at first...except that learning as a kid was easier because of the whole no-fear thing and also i don't remember getting cold or sore. 


Here is a question regarding the statement "good fitting, well-set-up, quality boots" - how does she or I know what good fitting is? She has sensitive feet/calves and finds many different footwears uncomfortable (loves the birks i got her to buy so now she trusts my judgment).  Specifically, how do you convey to someone else the 'right' tightness or comfort to expect in a boot?  The boots she ended up getting are Atomic Live Fit 70s.  She tried a few different boots and liked the wider aspect of the Live Fits with their rubber expansion sections near the toe cap.  I think the dual buckle also makes it easier/simpler to adjust than a traditional 4 buckle setup.  There is a lot going on in this question, but essentially i'm asking if anyone has any advice on the right questions i should be asking her to make sure these boots are a good choice for her.  Also, i've never had a professional boot setup before; is this something that places offer while selling the boots or is it something you need to request for or pay extra for?



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