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Exhilaration while skiing: speed... or something else?

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What makes skiing exhilarating for you?

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Fresh air and the beauty of the surroundings.  

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Good thread LF!   I would have to say the scenery and the feeling of conquering the hill!  That feeling that your rythm and timing are right on the mark and that you're in complete control!!!!


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Power and control - speed with turns, precise turns at speed with lot's of g force.

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Whatever it is, it sure is addicting & difficult to describe with words!


For me it is less about conquering the mountain & more like dancing with it.  It is less about shear speed, & more about the flow.  Being able to match my movements & skis path with the terrain & snow texture, BB might call it skiing the slow line fast.  I luv the feeling of harnessing maximum energy in the turn & then releasing any chosen amount of it in any direction I please.


I luv the silence & serenity of skiing in a heavy snowstorm, especially in the trees when I hit my line just right.  It is the weightless feeling, whether it is floating in deep powder or dropping down a steep chute.


I like the aggression of tipping the skis up to high edge angles on firm snow, or sucking up giant moguls with the last inch of flexibility in my legs.  I like the feeling of twisting my body into ridiculously perverse angles to maintain that fine line of balance & alignment against my skis.  I like being able to make less than ideal conditions my bitch!


Of course, I do all these things better in my dreams than in real life rolleyes.gif .


More than anything, I luv the view, the fact that we can live in harmony with it & sharing it with others who can appreciate the beauty of the whole experience.


Oli & Kristi 011.JPG


Skiing is the schizz,



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#2 post gets it.

Being outside is great, but in a "Resort" kind of way.

The "Resort" culture is great. I get exhilaration from the slopeside vibes that have emanated since skiing was über glamorous back in the 40's and 50's.

Skiing is fun. I believe it brings good medicine to the soul. Everybody needs more of that.

Flat out, skiing is cool.
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I get off with my favorite rocking 70's tunes playing in my ears making like a geezer Suzy Chaffee down the blue run. Not pretty I guess,  Really embarases my son but WTF.

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Skiing is in the moment.

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not thinking about work, customers,employees, payroll, collections, planning, logistics, starting of projects, phasing of projects, ending of projects endless paper work and all personal life dramatics. Hell not even thinking about the next turn. Just dancing down the slope in what ever rhythm the conditions dictate and looking forward to what ever might be over the next rise.  

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The turns !!!

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Really embarasses my son but WTF.


You say that like it's  bad thing...

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If it's the scenery and the air, it would happen just sitting on a rock. If it's just the skiing and the speed, it could happen skiing a plastic slope in a large building. So, it must be all of this, in combination. 


I like getting in the zone, skiing laps, in tune, here, now.

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But wait there's more.

I like flying over rollers.  I like hitting my chosen line precisely through some bumps (as opposed to messing up and having to switch to the next line or catching a tip and doing an unintentional 360 or needing to stop and climb back up to get my skiredface.gif).


Regarding  exhilaration, I used to get the same exhilaration nailing a fast (120 mph + or -) sweeper on the bike while beveling my boot soles.  Flying on the bike never turned out quite well.nonono2.gif

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A big part of my skiing exhileration is the surfing of the gravity waves.  Once you discover that gravity is your friend and is there for you to exploit, your skiing world opens up.


Ski On!


Rick G



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Originally Posted by 4ster View Post

I luv the silence & serenity of skiing in a heavy snowstorm, especially in the trees when I hit my line just right.  It is the weightless feeling, whether it is floating in deep powder or dropping down a steep chute.


Two of my personal favorites ...

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Any day on skis is a good day.

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I'm most exhilarated when I link a bunch of good turns together and enjoy the full body experience, my mind being totally engrossed in what I'm doing, and then stop and look up at where I am.  Silence, beauty, and a body rush does it every time.

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The moment of weightlessness when you begin to  initiate the next turn on a really steep slope.

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It's so many things; the scenery; the air; speed; exhiliration but the greatest thing are those odd times when you ski 'out of your mind.' It all just fits into place and evrything is happening how you want it to. You're not thinking consciously about what you're doing, you're anticipating and reacting and the whole thing flows. It doesn't happen often but when it does......!

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dub corks.

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The exhilaration for me is the control. Controlling speed, controlling g forces. Taking control of my skis and making them do things most people wouldn't ever think to do.


Exhilaration is feeling time slow down as I tear through a glade. Hearing the speed in my ears, but seeing the trees, the rocks, the bumps and everything so clearly it's as if I just spent twenty minutes examining every inch of the slope, rather than a tiny fraction of a second before I'm past it.


Feeling the raw power of the nature around me, and flowing with it. Realizing it's not about fighting and conquering the mountain, but it's about communing with it. Knowing Mother Nature presents me with the lines, and using my skills to appreciate the beauty she has made.


Looking back up a line and marveling at what I've just done. And just a little bit, pointing out what I've done to others, and watching their jaws drop.

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I love the gravitational forces pulling you in different directions, and the sensation through your body as you redirect those forces throughout the turn. Throw in some different terrain and conditions to change those sensations. After all, skiing is considered a sensation-seeking sport. 


One of my course conductors once commented on how I was taking too long to release turns. She said "David, it looks like you're holding on for the perfect turn. It's ok, not every turn needs to be the perfect turn!" So maybe that's what I enjoy - aiming for the perfect turn.

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One good turn deserves another. Ski here now.

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Anticipating the next turn and the next and the next.....amid absolute beautiful terrain.....and the fun afterwards reflecting on what was a great day

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Skiing let's you be free, and that's what it's all about.

You feel everything you are, and nothing you are not, and you can do so in complete serenity.

As humans we were designed to be outside on our feet, and skiing is the best way to do that.
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Either going borderline recklessly fast or just floating at a perfect speed in some deep snow. It's a toss up for me.

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When I day dream about skiing I can almost feel the start of my turn, or the pop of a  transition to the next. So I guess that's it, my favorite part, both those sensations are in my control and yet just seem to happen on their own without any thought or input from me,,,,, bliss!

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