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Can after-market custom liners make up for a 2 finger shell fit?

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Wondering if buying a 27.5 intuition fx race or power wrap and putting it in my 27 raptors will be ok/better than doing battle with a 26 raptor shell and liner that is going to give me another years worth of copays at the podiatrist's office????
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impossible to say without seeing your feet, the liner in the raptor is pretty short lasted, so maybe the intuition liner inside the 26 shell will do the trick....when you say 2 fingers, is that fat fingers, thin fingers, side by side or layed on top of each other, mm is so much easier to translate

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Hate the idea of having that kinda shell "fluffed out" with loads of foam/padding, get close to the shell, buy smaller!

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you need to give us more detail about you and your story before any good advice can be given. what is your measured foot size, what oddities are sticking out, a description of width, toe shape, instep height, ankle and heel characteristics, arch flexibility, ankle ROM in dorsiflexion, where, when, and how often you ski, currents goals for your skiing, what is the rest of your set-up like, skis you use, etc, etc, etc........


before you decide on what to do about the liners, you need to get the shell to match your foots basic shape and adjusted for your lumps and bumps that are sending you to a podiatrist. at the same time you need a proper assessment of your foot and ankle joint, so your most excellent boot fitter can build you a direct mold footbed that properly matches your foot and is properly interfaced into your boot.


just for the record, a podiatrist goes to school to become a foot surgeon.  that is what they receive a degree to do. if you want foot surgery, continue with your regular podiatrist visits.


if you want to ski in comfort and control, without foot surgery, you had better turn off your computer and find a boot fitter that understands what i just wrote, in addition this new boot fitter, needs to be able to do what i described in my second paragraph.


after that has been accomplished, you can address your liner question. more than likely that same highly skilled boot fitter, can solve your issues with the size 26 head including the stock liner. however if you and your boot fitter are convinced that you can "buy" your way to comfort look at he following options:


1. intuition makes a tongue liner for lower volume boots. it is called the pro tongue liner, and its benefits include a standard 2 mm bottom that allows it to fit into close fitting shells.


2. zip fit has 2 low volume liners that work well in tight fitting ski boots. the gara is the lowest volume, and the special edition WC is the next lowest volume.


3. head makes an excellent foam injected liner that will comfortably lock your foot down and protect all of your contact points with the shell.


4. boot doc builds a variety of very well finished foam injected liners, with different volume and constructions. they also have a unique injection bottle that improves consistency and density of the foam.


i am not opposed to the custom liner solution, you just need to know that good boot fitting protocol starts with really basic stuff, and custom liners are usually the first solution for boot fitters that have never learned the nuts and bolts of their craft. find a boot fitter that can do the abc's before you waste money on a new boot that is too big and spend additional money on a custom liner to fix the sizing error.



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Jim can that just become a "stock" answer, cut n paste styleeeee?biggrin.gif

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Thanks boot guys, especially Jim for the thorough response; when I get the time I can answer your questions in depth.
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Jim how could you forget to recommend the Eliminator Tongue by Masterfit? Its a cheap and easy fix. No tools or glue needed.


Jeffrey S. Rich C. Ped


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