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K2 A.M.P. Wired

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I'm looking for some all mountain skis and came across K2's AMP Wired's at Sports Authority.  They seem like a good deal, but I can't find any information on them other than Sports Authority's site.  K2's website doesn't have any information on them. 


I've been skiing for years and I'm an intermediate-advanced level.  I just want to make sure these skis aren't a little under my ability level.  Does anyone have any experience on them or additional information (as in which ski on K2's website they might be molded after)?


Thanks in advance for your help!

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Welcome to EpicSki!


I'm guessing that the ski you're looking at is a "box store" bargain ski, and may not be what you're looking for if you're upper level intermediate looking to advance.  

Perhaps someone who's familiar with it will pop in here and offer some first hand advice.


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I googled K2 Wired and (other than threads here) found only adds from Sportmart. There were two skis in the add, the other being a women's beginner level K2 ski (Sweet Luv, I think) re-branded with a different name and graphics just for that store. I recognized it from when I was looking for skis for the wife.


Based on that I have to assume the Wired is similar and well below your level.

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They maybe beginner skis but myself being an advanced-expert skier have them and they work perfectly.  I have taken them on ice and slush without waxing and they still glided perfectly.  They are worth 3x what they are sold for.

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Originally Posted by HollywoodSkier View Post

They maybe beginner skis but myself being an advanced-expert skier have them and they work perfectly.  I have taken them on ice and slush without waxing and they still glided perfectly.  They are worth 3x what they are sold for.

Um, I would expect pretty much any ski to glide. It seems kind of like saying that your new car is great because it has 4 wheels and an engine.


Is this the ski you mean?


Assuming so, I suspect the ski is a rebadged K2 Apache Recon, which is a mid 2000's design. It was quite popular at the time, but I have come to really despise the handling of the ski, because my pair seems to be pretty marginal on hard snow, and will not hold a line in crud. So basically, my pair skis soft groomed runs and untracked pow decently, which I would also expect every other ski to do.


Still, they sold tons of these, and for a design that is certainly starting to show its age, you could do worse.



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I found this page while searching for more information about the K2 A.M.P Wired skis. Details and reviews about these skis are hard to find. So, I compared the specs of these skis and included bindings with the ones in the K2 catalog. These skis seem to be rebranded K2 A.M.P Stinger skis, which are the beginners skis from K2. So, as an intermediate to advanced skiier, these are not for me. But they would be good for a beginner. Just sharing my findings if it helps anyone else.

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I have these skis and I found this on

A blend of performance, forgiveness and stability, the K2 A.M.P. Wired Skis are designed for the all-mountain advanced level skier looking for true power behind their skis. These skis have an all-terrain rocker which provides you with easy initiation, versatility and agility in the rocker tip while giving you control and edge hold in the camber. Whether you prefer powder or something a little more firm, you'll be able to ride in a variety of conditions. Mod Technology means you will have more power and control. The Triaxial Braiding combines fiberglass to its wood core. The fiberglass are interlocking strands wrapped around the core ensuring twist rigidity and strength while still providing you with plenty of flex. If you want a powerhouse pair of skis that can handle all conditions very well then you'll want to wear the K2 A.M.P. Wired Skis the next time you head out to the mountain!

Their graph had beginner to intermediate blocked out and recommended them for a higher skilled skier up to expert. Obviously if you are an everyday skier, you might want a stiffer ski, but for the recreational skier who takes on blue squares and one black diamond runs You will be fine.
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Wow, every ski can glide? Well that sure clears up that mystery.
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Tony, you might want to check dates on threads. The poster was on ONCE in 2011 and hasn't been back. The search engine here leaves a lot to be desired.
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