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I truly want to know, from professional psychologists in our community, what is the escalation of risk and pain, and even death, about. and from doctors out there, what is the release of endorphins caused by and how does that progress? medically speaking, what is the emotional, hormonal, and physiological reward of risk taking?


Since my death experience, my nervous system is a bit raw and hyper-sensitive. I can't watch pumped up violence because I'm already pumping everything I experience up 10X and it becomes unbearable. Watching what they are filming now is literally painful to me. Are there souls so numb that this level of risk, watched or participated in, is the only thing that wakes them up? I think so.

Not a psychologist, even armchair version, but I remember reading an article once about the Wallendas (I think it was) and someone did some scientific studies showing that they had a genetic shortage of endorphins? I think it was endorphins, or maybe the receptors didn't work quite as well as they should, can't remember. Anyway, it took that kind of risk taking just to get them back to what others experience as equilibrium. Something like that. I'll look for it.

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awesome, thanks, I think the whole issue of risk taking and decision making is about hormones, and not meant in the trite, boys have hormones to satisfy sense.  a physician friend once said: we are just a chemical lab. (every single thing we do, not just sex, and the way we feel about what we do is determined by the chemical balance in our body)

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