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Hey everyone,


I want to do some Master's racing this year....relive my glory days a bit. However, I live in London and the London Ski Racing Club doesn't have a Druxy's league team. However Alpine Ontario South is sponsoring a team for people who don't have a home club.


Here is the information I got:


"The AOSD Masters Druxy’s league is introducing an opportunity for those masters athletes without a home club team, to join the AOSD Master’s Individual Racing Team  for the 2011-12 season.  There are 5 races per season (4 x GS, 1 x SL).  This is a fun, competitive and exciting team format for adult racers with some experience running gates.  For more information on the Druxy’s league please click here.  The fee will be $150.00 which includes all five races and aprčs/award festivities. There is a maximum of 24 spots available (5 of which are reserved for female athletes) and will be filled on a first come first serve basis.  Participants must be members of a AOSD sanctioned club and at least 18 years of age.


AOSD is looking for a competitor on the AOSD Master’s Individual Racing Team to take on the role of team manager.  This person will coordinate and represent the team at all of the races including submission of start list to the host venue, pick up of bibs and represent the team at the post race  jury meeting to finalize scoring. Those interested in participating on this team and/or taking on the team manager role are to email Robyn Skinner, Competition Manager with AOSD @"


The team needs 10 people to go ahead so I am shamelessly plugging this program so that I can partake in it. I was going to join the JW team but it was full by the time I contacted in mid-October.


Those who are interested email AOS! Hopefully there are others as keen as I to relive the glory days.