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Wolf Creek Air Ducts?

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What is that air duct looking thing in the picuture?  I saw these at Wolf Creek last year and thought maybe they had something to do with preventing wind from removing snow from the ridge but I could be way off.  Anyone know what they are?


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Suction system for moving people up the mountain, sort of like the vacuum tubes the banks use at the drive through.

Step in at the bottom of the hill and it sucks you up and spits you out at the top.


Just a guess.





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Hell's organ pipes.


No, wait...they provide ventilation for the ski patrol poker room/beer bar/restroom located under Albertson Ridge.  


Or...maybe they're listening devices so that mountain management can keep track of what's going on up high.  


Okay, this is really it - intakes for the underground refrigeration devices that keep the snow cold in that warm southwestern setting.  


Then again, could they beeeee...Gazex avalanche control equipment?  

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Permanent avalanche control thumper. Makes a big whumph/bang noise instead of using dynamite. They install them in avy-prone areas and can set them off remotely. It uses propane and oxygen to make the noise.

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Interesting--I had never heard of these things. The same French company (Technologie Alpine de Sécurité) also has a unit that hangs from a helicopter and can be triggered over a remote avalanche-prone face:


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The GAZ-EX utilizes stored propane and oxygen piped into a fixed cannon located in an avalanche starting zone, directing a blast toward the ground. The system is remote controlled and is considered to be more effective and have a higher factor of safety than any other currently available system.
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Is that located at the top of Horseshoe Bowl?

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You are all wrong. Anyone who's been there in the summer knows this is the 18th hole of the uphill putt-putt course. If you knock it in in one, you get a season pass.


Be sure to bring your rock skis for the return to the clubhouse.

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It's a propane powered bong lighter.  Your eyebrows will eventually grow back.

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anyone who has seen "the Grinch" with Jim carey will instantly recognize its the garbage disposal out-pipe from who-ville   duhhh! 

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When I was there last season, I noticed that Jackson Hole had installed this on the Headwall.

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