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New Ski Time !

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It's great to be back !


Sorry to bore some of you with another what ski should I get question but I am going to go for it anyway !


I am looking to fill out my quiver this year.

I currently have:

Blizzard Magnum 7.6 IQ

Kastle MX-88

and I am looking for something with at least a 98 waist (I don't want the ski to be redundant with the Kastles)

I want a fun easy skiing ski for powder that will also be fine on piste...kind or a powder biased one ski quiver to pair with my frontside biased one ski quiver Kastle MX-88


I ski about 20 days per year in Coloradao and Utah...who knows what the conditions will be when I get my trips in


I am an advanced intermediate who used to be advanced and I am slowing down a bit due to age and a knee

I am 43 yrs old 5'11" 190lbs


I am considering:

the Blizzard Bonafide (is this to redundant with my Kastle)

Cochise (a bit worried it might be too much ski for me)

Rossi S7 (too wide or not versatile enough maybe ?)

Line Influence 105 (not all that familliar with it)

Ullr's Chariot ???

other options ??


Thanks in advance....and I will absolutely purchase these from one of you guys on line or buy phone....I won't get to demo them first

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Originally Posted by IanSki View Post

I want a fun easy skiing ski for powder that will also be fine on piste...kind or a powder biased one ski quiver to pair with my frontside biased one ski quiver Kastle MX-88


The best answer here depends upon how fine you want it to be..............biggrin.gif


Skis such as the S7 are certainly powder biased but can be managed on piste as well. I can't say they put a lot of excitement into a run on the pack....but they are manageable for sure. Still.......you could certainly find something with a better feel for the on-piste stuff than an S7 if you were willing to give up some of the powder magic.


In the same width range....(~~115)


A ski like a Nordica Patron is very close to the S7 in powder performance but has a more stable feel outside of the powder or in minced up crud. A ski such as the Atomic Atlas is wide enough and soft enough in the front half to take advantage of the tip rise and plane up nicely but has a conventional camber in the rear 2/3 of the ski so it skis a little better than the average double rise ski when outside of the deep stuff.


If that just seems too wide for your tastes then in the ~~105 range


Atomic Coax and Dynastar Legend 105 are good blends of all mountain/big mountain feel. The Coax is light and very nimble while the Legend is a little more damp and powerful without being a superhero type ski. The Line 105 fits nicely in this group as well. None of these are exactly magic as powder skis but are better in crud than the 115 group and better on packed stuff as well.



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The s7 sounds like a good fit.

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Don't be afraid of a ski width up to 120mm. You will notice more difference in the flex, sidecut, rocker, and flex than the ski width. I have owned and enjoyed the Line 100s (100mm) but currently find my ski at 112mm easier to initiate turns on hard pack and just more fun in all conditions.


How about these two skis from Line.



In a 178cm ski it has a turn radius of 17m. This would be a great all mountain ski for trip out West.






Line Specs:



I would stay away from a ski described as "hard charging". Have fun shopping.

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