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Hi everybody!  First off, what a great forum!  I appreciate all the wisdom and the willingness of everyone to help out their fellow skiers!


 I've spend the last few weeks reading hundreds of posts in my search for a one quiver ski.  I plan on advancing to more than a one quiver but for now as I get back into the sport, I am looking for a little assistance. About me; I am 5'8" 173 lbs. I would consider myself an intermidiate to advanced skier. More towards advanced intermidiate than beginner intermidiate.  I have been skiing 5-10 times a year for about 15 yrs. I currently ski on 170's but they often feel too long or stiff for me. It might just be the ski (older Atomic Beta Ride 8.20) or it's stiffness.  These skis worked ok for me in the midwest groomers but I recently moved out west. I most often ski Mt. Hood, Rainer, and Bachelor.  Most often Hood though where snow conditions don't ever seem to be very good.  I see alot of crud mid to bottom hill and super icy bumps up top.  I realize these are two different type of ski types.  I'm too concerned about the ice or a super carver ski. What I am aiming for is more of a crud ski that doesn't get all shaken up in bumpy or cruddy conditions.  I prefer to ski the trees and off piste but am terrified on the beta rides.


I am leaning towards something that is fun and forgiving more than something that needs to be pushed hard to enjoy.  Don't get me wrong I prefer to push hard but until I get my bearings again, I am looking that direction unless you think otherwise.  I might be thinking the beta rides feel "long" out here on the crud do to the camber, lack of rocker, and stiffness.  Here's what I've been looking into. Would you think the 160 K2 Rictor's would work ok for me or would they feel too short with the rocker tip? Also, I've also been looking at the k2 Aftershock in 167 length.  I've read several good reviews on the Elan Apex and Volkl Kendo just recently.  I get the impression that the Apex and Kendo might be a bit softer and manageable than both the K2's.  Any other thoughts would be greatly appreciated!

Here's one thread that sort of brought me to some of my conclusions.