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New to these parts and need some advice on finding some new skis. I recently moved to Salt Lake City from the SouthEast so I mainly have experience on groomers. Ive skied powder in Colorado a few times, but Im looking to ski more powder here in Utah. So I am looking for a good groomer and a decent powder ski too. But i would probably say I would be 60% groomer 40% powder. I have checked with some local ski shops and friends and their recommendations seem to be narrowed down to these:


Atomic Access 181/171

Black Diamond Zealot 182


More info on me. Im 6'1" and 180lbs. I consider myself an intermediate skier (but more closer to advanced than beginner in the intermediate spectrum). Im used to skiing on snow blades back east so anything is going to be longer than my previous skis.


Anyways wanted to toss this question out to a larger community of skier and see what you guys thoughts are.



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Welcome to Epic.  Frankly, if you're used to snowblades you are in for a huge surprise when you get on some real skis.  Forget about asking for opinions for specific skis, you need to demo a bunch.  Shop around and find a shop with a wide range of skis to demo and spend your first season trying them out.  But, more importantly, since you are moving up to real skis, is your boots.  Do you have boots that actually fit your feet?  Go to the "Ask the Boot Guys" forum and read the wikis about how boots should be fitted.  After reading that, pull the liner out of a boot and do a shell fit.  If your boots are too big, get properly fitted boots first.  The saying here is "You marry boots but date skis."  Nothing is more important than your boots.

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Yea, Im squared away on boots. Just need something to attach them to :-)


Im used to long skis, I just dont own any. Im not used to fat powder skis though so was looking for a not so wide ski that will still float but will also carve up a groomer.


Totally get the demo approach too. But I was trying to start somewhere and have a list of skis that look good on paper to try and demo. Versus just throwing darts at demo skis and trying them all (which is sometimes not a bad idea too)

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