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All Mountain dilemma

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HOORAY! It's my favourite time of year. SKI BUYING TIME! But of course, it's creating dilemmas of the best kind.


Looking for an all-mountain ski to replace my old and beat Volkl G2's. I have some lovely Dynastar LP's for the nice fluffy days, but as with many skiers I spend most of my actual ski days in a lot of crud, chop, slush...mixed with some western ice-slush. I demo'd a whack of skis in the all-mtn category last year (Atomic Blackeye and Nomad, Volkl AC30 and 50, Blizzard 8.1 TI, several Elan Waveflex's, etc) but wasn't so blown away by any of them that I needed to have them. The Blackeye and the Blizzard were excellent skis, but more demanding (too heavy, too stiff)  than what I think I'd like to ski on all day....wonderful for a couple of runs, but I predict a blown knee or two after a few hours. 


Me: female, 32, 5'6", 160lbs. Level 8ish skier, CSIA but only level 1. Moguls are my cryptonite. I love to rip groomers, but tend to settle into some sedate cruising and off piste frolicking after the first few runs of the day so. Looking for something that can go mach schnell when required, but is going to be willing to engage in some slower speeds and allow me to ski all day on it.


Current skis for consideration are:

Volkl Kenja (2010)

Dynaster Legend Eden (2010)

Dynastar Sultan 85 (2010)

Volkl Bridge (2010)

Blizzard Viva 8.1 (2012)


they're pretty much all around the same money give or take...the Blizzard has a pro-deal offer until the 15th that's the only reason it's in the same price-range. I can find almost no useful info on the Eden, but I LOVE my LP's and wonder if there's any carry-over in the 'feel' of Dynastar into the Sultan and Eden. I know nothing about the Viva, but thought it might be a toned down version of the 8.1 TI? All the 2010 skis are in there because I cannot wrap my head around how a rockered ski is going to give me the on-piste performance that I'm looking for. All I could hear on the mountain around me last year was the whap-whap-whap of noodle rocker skis and it gives me heart palpitations (apologies to those who enjoy them).


there is an outside option of the 2008 Head Sweet Fat Thang....because it's $189....rather more noodle than I think I'm looking for, but that price-tag is killing me. 


thanks in advance!




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You have quite a diverse list of skis.


The Viva 8.1 isn't close to the other skis on your list, but happened to be one of my favorite picks of the front side skis I demoed.

The rest of the skis in that group of considerations are awesome all mountain skis with an off piste bias.


If you want to compliment your power skis with something that is going to be a good teaching ski that will help you rip groomers and be friendly in the bumps, then the Viva 8.1 2012 version is hard to beat,  From that list.


Have I come close to answering your question?  You were kinda all over the place with your post and I'm a little bit blonde.  biggrin.gif

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naw, I'm all over the place :)...I find that I care less about dimensions and more about 'feel' when it comes to skis - I tend to really like damp, smooth and snappy skis, and I'd rather have a ski like that which is totally unsuited to being where I am as opposed to a lifeless ski that's made for the terrain I'm on....but as a result my preferences tend to run a little weird when I'm looking at them :) the Viva is the really strange one on that list, but I'm glad to hear your thoughts about it and it sounds like it might fit the bill. Thanks for the feedback Trekchick - I read a lot of your posts on here!

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If you want a peek into my dedicated quiver for the upcoming season, its Blizzard Black Pearl  as my daily driver and DPS Yvette 112 RP Pure for my powder ski


I'm seriously pondering my front side carver ski between the 2012 Blizzard Viva 8.1 IQ Max, and the Kastle LX82 A great ski returns.


If you're not teaching, then you'd probably get by with something more like the Black Pearl, Dynastar Eden, (or sultan 85) Kenja......

If you're looking to improve in the moguls, then you don't want to go with anything that has a stiff tail.  


Part of the reason that I'm holding off on my front side ski is because I'm hoping that I won't need anything strictly for groomers. cool.gif


Think Snow!





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HAHAHAAAA!! Now I'm looking at the Black Pearl :) Loved your review....I'm not teaching this season, so sounds like maybe it or the Kenja might be where it's at. Can I ask your opinion on the who rockered thing? Did you notice it much on the Black Pearl? I'm imagining not, or at least not in a bad way, as you don't strike me as a skier would be very tolerant of noodle-nonsense.

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IMHO If you're looking to improve in moguls, the kenja is a little stiff  and may not be the ideal choice.


If you look at the different descriptions of "rocker" you'll see a variety of descriptions that will make your head spin.  

Moustache Rocker, All terrain rocker, Freeride rocker...............(and the list goes on)

The rocker that is on the Black Pearl is enough to make transitions in moguls, and engaging a turn easy, but its not so much that you'll feel like its "rockered".  



I'll take a pic so you can get an idea.


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Wow. Everyone loves this ski.....just reading all the reviews. Length? It's avail in 166 and tested the 166, but I'm a little bit taller and a fair amount heavier. My LP's are 176. So 173 probably?


Also, I can use as much help in the moguls as I can the Pearl sounds like it might be friendlier to my baffling/baffled attempts. 

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If I were you I'd go with the 173. 

Let me know if I can help you find the ski.  I'll check the shop where I work and see the availability in a 173. (which should be no problem)



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Sure! I get a bit of a pro-deal on it , but it's not as huge a discount as the Viva's are offered if it's close in price and the shipping up here to BC isn't too dear then I'm happy to support your shop, but I understand if they may not be able to get close to that price - particularly at the start of a season with a brand new ski :)

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I'm sure the pro deal on the Black Pearl is not the same as the Viva 8.1's, but(though they're both awesome skis) they are two completely different skis.



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