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Exotic Stockli?

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So, who's skiing Stockli skis around here? We in oz have just got an importer, and they have been selling like hot cakes.
I plumped for the super carve Raver XP, hoping it will do powder and bumps! The dimensions are rather incredible: 120mm shovel, 68 waist and 109 tail. They have a lot of metal, and are about the stiffness of the mod x pro.
Nice to see a ski with actual sidewalls: not capped at all. Easier to stick in a ski vise!
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<BLOCKQUOTE>quote:</font><HR>Originally posted by ant:
So, Easier to stick in a ski vise!<HR></BLOCKQUOTE>

LOL, just one of the many things I love about them. The cap skis and my vise had issues.

If you wanted a powder/bump/all mountain kind of ski I think you picked the wrong board. The raver XP is a specialized ultra carve stick (visualize no poles, hip almost touching the snow). Did you get the 162s?

For an all mountain ski the
Stormrider, Laser SC or Spirit IV would do a better job.
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Laser axc and Laser GS

If I can sneak one more past my wife it'll be and SLR or Sky Carve II. When my count hit 5 she started watching the rack... :
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SLR,mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm! The real deal. Might be adding that one to my own quiver.

Do you use the Laser GS for the deep stuff?
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yeah, I know it's a gamble, I liked it best of the whole lot. some people here in oz tried them on deep soft spring snow, steeps and huge moguls, and reckoned they were great, so...
Never got to try the Stormrider, I'd heard they were stiff anyway. Then they released the new orangey one, and someone complained it wasn't so stiff. Dang! Missed out.

The Laser is really popular down here, actually the whole race line got grabbed.
I quite liked the Spirit IV, lot of attitude there though. Every time I tried hitting it to check for rebound, I ended up in the back seat, with no idea how I got there.

Yep, got the 162s, in the hopes that this would make the ski more versatile.

And most importantly, I have mounted them with some silver Tyrolia Cyber D8s, and my boots are pale grey, so at least there is colour co-ordination happening.
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I am skiing Stockli around here. Kind of addicted. The Raver XP is an arc/carve machine. Love skiing it under the chair lifts. Lots of gawking. I have it at 162cm, and because of the metal, it is torsionally pretty stiff and holds on my beloved eastern ice. Its NOT so great in the fresh, you will need a longer board. I also have the Laser SC at 188. What a great eastern all mountain ski. I race on it and do some race coaching. I weigh 225 pounds and suggest the 178 for most. I cannot wait to try my new SLR. It is a world cup slalom race ski. I have the 174 and feel it will become my new all mountain board of choice. I use Vist plates with Look bindings. Wishing everyone a great season!
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I just picked up the GS two weeks ago so the jury is still out on it but, I do anticipate that it will be my powder ski. Meanwhile I have been (reluctantly) hanging on to my P-40 f-1's (188). I stripped the plate off them and they were pretty darned good.

We did have a good (but rare) powder year in the Poconos but hoping for a repeat is too optimistic so a lot of my "positioning" is kinda academic. The GS does not have a plate because I'm hoping it will replace the Volkl for the soft stuff.
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yuki, I'm confused about your choice of powder skis. The laser GS is a full blown GS race ski, and is relatively narrow. I also have the new Stormrider and will use it for all mountain-especially powder, due to it's girth. Why the GS for powder?
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170 Laser SC
I had to learn to balance on the pin-tip small sweet spot. Having this straight, very rewarding with accuracy and responsiveness. Highly adictive. Will make you sell your old X-Scream or X Mod Pro for a ski trip. No go in spring conditions however, this ski throws you around on crud so it's a struggle to stay on. It's a race ski, after all.
Even thought handmade in Switzerland (that's from my inner-snob (;->)), i got them for a regular production ski price in Germany. With Switzerland not known as a low-cost production country, it makes you wonder what the real reasons are for K2 to move their machines to China.
Only a few years ago, i would not have even considered Stockli's. They used be ugly, terrible sticks, but have improved dramatically in the last few years.
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I have the 178 Laser SC.....GREAT SKI....not my favorite in choppy conditions but for groomed and club racing they are GREAT...
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It's pretty hard to justify a Stormrider in the Poconos. Here, it's mostly man made stuff that's groomed to cord and on days when we have natural stuff it's packed inside of two hours.

I'm 53 but still like to go fast on occasion and liked the F-1's so the GS was a must have. When I stripped the plates off the F-1 last year they were hardly missed and on those four occasions that we had powder they were great. I hope this bears out with the lasers. If not, I'll keep the Volkl's in the locker and have the VIST plate put on the lasers. BUT..............

To free some bindings up I'll need to sell my Volkl SL and GS stuff. The size of my "quiver" is dictated by what I can hide in my locker and in my truck...... I hope Santa has a sense of humor and has the SLR in a 162........... :

Besides I have never been on the Stormrider and if liked it, that would just pose another dilema.

I guess you don't feel that it's too much of a ski for New York conditions?

<FONT COLOR="#800080" SIZE="1">[ November 23, 2001 03:12 PM: Message edited 2 times, by yuki ]</font>
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Not too much ski at all. In fact, last year I skied the Stormrider 2, more substantail than this year's Storm, and it was great everywhere...in fact, improved my Nastar handicap from 20 to 10, compared to my Atomic 9.16SL. I ski mostly Greek, Gore, and Whiteface, and the Storm did it all. Supple, fearless, ultrastable. I also have the GS this year for masters racing.
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That report on the Raver XP in fresh is not hopeful! i"m 5'3" but fairly heavy, and usually ski a Olin Sierra 170cm. so, with the Raver's extra beef and width, I'm hoping they'll work in soft snow. My other "dream ski" is the Mod X Pro...but Stockli is so much more unusual.

Yeah, I too wondered about K2's reasons for moving offshore, when an expensive country like Switzerland can hand-make skis for cheaper....very, very ODD!
I got my Ravers for the equivalent of US 375 bucks. (on a deal).
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