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Denver area ski tuners

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Are some of you out there as skeptical as I am about some of the big corporate ski shops' inconsistent quality output?  Kinda depends on what tech you get on any given day.  Guess I'm learning impaired, because I took the bait again with a coupon deal to a big shop that has a gazillion dollar computerized tuning machine that's the size of your average houseboat.  Just needed a little clean-up on my early season rock skis so I could get a clean base edge for new bevels.  


Doh ! ! !


They came back with a stone grind soooo bad -- high and low wavy, structure started 12" back from contact points, skips in structure pattern, divots from a dirty stone.  No way I would give them a chance to fix it or botch it again.  


Took 'em to Larson's and they did a wonderful job cleaning them up.


Then took one of my better pairs that also needed more that a hand touch-up to Eskimo Ski Shop, because they're more on my side of town.  They also did a great job.


Both Larson's and Eskimo are small family run shops.  They have both been around a long time and their techs have been with them for years.  They both do good work.  Larson's is at I-70 & Kipling, and Eskimo has relocated to Holly & County Line.  I have no ties to either.  Just compelled to recommend a couple of the good small-business guys.


So.  Support your local, small, friendly, customer-centric businesses, and maybe they'll stick around in spite of the big boys.

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Larson's ruined a pair of Nordica's my bud owned by grinding them so much the second tune that there was very little left.  I know nothing about Eskimo, but use Precision in Frisco for all of my tunes.



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The best is Alpine Base and Edge in Boulder. They have the most advance and sophisticated shop in the country. You can also drop your skis off at a Culture of Speed in Dumont off I-70 for AB&E to tune.

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