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mantra 2012 184 or 191

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Hi I'm buying the new mantra this season but I'm not sure what lenght 

tis season it has a tip rocker so does this mean that it actually skis shorter than the 2005 mantra 184 i have at the moment?

if so i could take the 191 maybe.


i am 190 long myself weighing 204 lbs


thanks for you re toughts 

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A ski with rocker generally skis shorter than a ski without BUT this may be a good thing in many conditions.  I tend to want length in 3 situations- stability in crud & at higher speeds and in deeper snow to help prevent tip dive.  I like a shorter ski for for shorter turns and maneuverability in tighter situations.  


Tip diving shouldn't be an issue on a rockered ski, so the question can probably be answered by deciding if you want more maneuverability or stability?  Demo them both if you can.   

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Wel my concern was that because of the rocker it might be less stable than my non rockered 184. So I was thinking to go 191 to get the same stability but maybe this is no issue.

i can't demo them. Living in Belgium I have to order them specially. 

over here shops only stock racecarvers etc. 



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