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Ski Swap & Tri State in CDA

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Anyone going to ski swap at Fairgrounds on Saturday.  I'll be there in AM, don't nee to buy anything but have to go.



In case you don't know:   Doug from the Ski Shack has moved lover to Tri State on 95.  Apparently a Whitefish ski shop bought Tri State Sports and have really changed the store.  Doug is head ski guy and they have a very complete back room with new stone grinder, latest digital binding check machine and much more.  Those of you that know Doug realize he is a very knowledgable ski guy. The shop also has all the goodies; boots, spyder clothes basically all of it and quality stuff. 


Took my new Blizzards in today along with my ski buds (Van's) super 7's and got bindings mounted.  Looks like a good ski shop. Also Joe who owned Island ski shop on Sherman is working there for the winter.





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Nope , won't be there.   It has been a good swap over the years though.


 Very good to hear about Tri-State though.  Cd'A has never had enough good ski shops.


 Is Mike King still in the area?  Was a partner in Lulus',  going back 6 years.  Mike is a good man to know in the ski world, and a friend (he can still turn both ways too).

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