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FIS Masters ski lengths?

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OK, with the FIS Interantional Masters being held at Mammoth in 2012, I was trying to decipher the USSA guide and also the FIS listing with regard to ski lengths/radius.


Hmmm.  Thought it was straightforward and while USSA Masters is for the most part "run what you brung" I had some understanding that it would require 165 sl and 185 >27m GS for a FIS Masters event. 


Maybe not....

From the chart


"For FIS Masters Competitions, equipment rules are recommendations with the following exception: in SG races, the ski length may not be less than 185 cm for men and 180 cm for women (GS skis may be used for SG). For the FIS recommendations for ski length, ski radius and ski waist width see the current FIS Specifications for Competition Equipment."


So for FIS masters they are only recommendations as well apart from the SG length >185??



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Yup looked at that as well Andy.  Looks like it is only recommendations, so by that reckoning i can stay on my normal GS ski at 183 >23m instaed of having to shift to the >27m version.  .  SR55, Masters Racer?  you guys are usually better tuned in to the rules than me


a) Rules for skis, plates, boots
Referring to “FIS Specifications for Competition Equipment” the following
Equipment Rules are the most important to MASTERS Racing:
Minimum Ski Length and Radius
For MASTERS Racing Minimum ski length and radius are recommendations
(except: Ski length for Super-G)

a) Slalom: Length: Men: 165 cm -
Ladies: 155 cm -
b) Giant Slalom: Men: 185 cm – 5 cm tolerance = 180 cm
Radius 27 m
Ladies: 180 cm – 5 cm tolerance = 175 cm
Radius 23 m
c) Super-G: Minimum ski length is mandatory, radius recommended:
Men: 185 cm without tolerance
Radius 27 m
Ladies: 180 cm without tolerance
Radius 23 m
In regard of the last sentence in rule MA 4) COURSES” Giant Slalom Skis may
be used in Super-G.
For all events:
- No length, width or ski radius restriction for Ladies above 55 and Men above


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It looks a little confusing, but it seems like you should be OK with 183cm skis.. Also for this year Atomic has GS D2 -  181cm, R>27m for this year model, so I would guess it'sOK..


I hope more experienced folks will chime in...

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When they were held in Abetone, Italy........there was no inforcement.  My wife was in compliance, stepping up to a longer ski for the event, yet no one appeared to mind anyway. 


I have yet to see inforcement anywhere on the masters scene.

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