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WTB Boot Press

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Hey all,


I am looking to buy a nice ski boot press for my garage.  Been looking at the SVST one, but would prefer to find a good used one for less $$$.


I got a ton of experiance punching shells, just need to find a press for the house, as I am constantly needing to puch shells every year to accomodate my fused ankles.



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for that type of press i think the SVST one is about as cheap as they come (someone may prove me wrong) the alternative is to have a G clamp style one made by a fabricator will still cost several 100$ and you need to source the fabricator who will / can do it


skikare do the same one think the price is the same too

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Yep, Ideally looking for a used one in decent shape.

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aren't we all, dam things just don't come up on e bay too often, the shop down the street form me has just closed, he said come see if there is any workshop stuff that is any good to you that you want to buy......i asked about the boot stretching kit...he is keeping it all in his garage "just in case" he needs to stretch a pair of boots 


if you see any, whatever condition buy it and refurb it

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