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Agreed, I absolutely prefer the DryQ Elite over Gore-Tex.  But I find MH stuff doesn't fit me very well now since I've lost 30 lbs.  Had to go with Arc'teryx instead now.  Gore-Tex, obviously, but I've revamped my layering so I won't run too hot; it's usually very cold where I ski anyways.

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FYI, the Kepler is on sale at SAC right now. 

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Missed it, but found it here...




Pretty good price, and they had several sizes, if not colors.



4 stars
Mountain Hardwear Kepler Softshell Jacket - Men'sadd alert
The Mountain Hardwear Men's Kepler Softshell Jacket features its own scientific breakthrough: the ultra-breathable Dry.Q Elite technology, which delivers total waterproof protection along with incredible breathability. (MHW1902)

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It's back on at SAC! 

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Got the Kepler the other day delivered by the mail. I am 5'9", 165  &  I bought the Large after also being the owner of an MH Exposure & Ethereal of the same size.


Upon trying on the Kepler, I was surprised at the snugness found in the shoulders. The sleeves seem to be just right. It certainly is lighter than the Exposure that I have with 3 layers, with one being the mesh interior.


I will have to do some "testing" & trying on with different layers to see if I will keep it. It looks great & is very well constructed, so no issues from that end.

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Have worn my Kepler several times cross country skiing this winter. Has worked great - just enough warmth with a single, light wicking undershirt, the Kepler providing excellent breathability.


Finally got it out today in some serious ( for California! ;-) winter weather - 20 degrees and blowing hard!



I had a merino wool undershirt and a light poly shell under the Kepler, and that was just right! Stayed comfortably warm, and great to have a jacket with a hood that will fit over my helmet!


The Kepler's snug fit wasn't a problem - never felt constricted. My only complaints are that I had to wear my mittens over the sleeves (cuffs are cut tight) and couldn't carry a Platypus like I normally do, as the Kepler doesn't come with a big, webbed pocket inside.


Those nits aside - perfect!  icon14.gif

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