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broken ankle, not for faint of heart

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IMG_0044.JPGSo I was out skate boarding with my kids and broke my ankle. It is the classic skate board break ware the board kicks out from under you and your back foot makes contact with the ground. All your weight and momentum are on that foot and moving laterally. While laying on my stomach after the fall, my foot was pointing up. My kids took a look at me got reassured that I was in good hands with the staff at the skate park and continued skating until they came over to give me a kiss good by as I was loaded into the ambulance. this was on Oct 1. I had surgery Oct 7 and had a plate and a few screws put in. 6 weeks of non weight bearing and I get to start PT around Nov 4. I am firmly convinced that this is why the North East is getting hammered with snow right now. I have made the sacrifice to guarantee that we will be having an epic winter season. Just kidding but seeing this snow is making me a little nuts. So, you might be asking "what's the point of this post?". First of all it is to keep my mind occupied while I stress out, (I am a full time professional ski instructor) and second to see if anyone else has had this type of injury so close to the season. Come Hell or high water, I WILL ski this year. It would be great to hear some encouraging words from some Epic Ski people. It's been a really bad month. Here are some lousy pictures of the xrays.

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I was convinced we were getting hammered bc I signed up for a 12 mile trail run & was lost in the woods yesterday instead of skiing Killington. Now I know it was really you who brought the snow!

I would say welcome & I hope that you do get out this season!!! Depending on the wt bearing status, you may make some '12 turns. I have seen plenty of folks return to ski from such a fracture!

What does your orthopod have to say about a timeline?
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I need to be able to raise my weight onto the ball of the injured foot before I am allowed to ski. Skiing at that point would be greens only and then progressing as I get stronger. I MIGHT be able to do this for the start of the season. If not, our ski school has a couple of mono skis in our adaptive program that I may be able to use. I spent a couple of seasons in mono's after shredding my knees. The movement patterns in the mono's also have some similarities to kayaking. I WILL be on the hill it's just a matter of weather I will be able to work or not.





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yikes, that sucks.  Good wishes and thoughts for a speedy and full recovery.  

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