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GPS tracking software

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Looking for advice on GPS device for skiing and ski map software.

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Some of the bigger resorts actually have them available in-house.  An example:


If you want your own, there are several integrated for smartphone (iPhone), goggles (Zeal), etc.  Here's one example, there are others available:


Then there are standalone ones:


Depends what you're looking for.




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My personal favorites:

For uploading from your device, converting between formats, editing out bad points, etc I like GPS Trackmaker


For actually drawing maps I like gpsvisualizer,


Over the years they have added functionality, so there is now some overlap between them. But I still use them both.


Another visualization option is to save as a KML file and display the track in google earth.


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I used slopetracker at Deer Valley a few years and it was great. I went back last year and they had discontinued offering it. This is what gave me the idea to get my own. I leaning towards the mountaindynamics version as it seems the closest one to slopetracker this available for a personal gps.



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I'm going to use it for running mostly but I've got my eyes set on the new "motoactv" by Motorola, comes out next week:

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Do you have a smartphone? Provided you turn it to airplane mode(because i don't get service on the mountain anyway) my phone was easily last 12 hrs using the GPS. I've used My Tracks by google and liked it but recently switched to My Trails for more functionality. My trails is pretty amazing. I asked the question on MeFi awhile back. Here's the whole thread but this is the response i thought was best:


I'm a bit of a fan of MyTrails. 
Is has some 40 map sources (Google, Yahoo, MS, Ovi, OSM) from which you can create offline packages in the app. If you use MOBAC on your computer you can quickly create MGM packages of any shape (ie along a gpx track) of all OpenStreetMap sources. 
But that's not even the strongest point of MyTrails. The OpenGL rendering is super-smooth, the interface very clean and in the track manager you can easily load dozens of GPX tracks together and give them a separate color or color them according to altitude. So you're not limited to one track to follow while on a hike. 

Also there's gpsies and dropbox integration for in- and exporting tracks.The pro license is worth both euros. Oh, and the developer is very responsive.

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