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Getting to the slopes without a car in Boston

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Hi guys, I'm new here. I just started grad school here in Cambridge, MA and am excited about skiing this season. I've skied maybe 10-11 days so still a beginner but looking to ski somewhat regularly from now. Problem is I don't have a car, and I'm a little uneasy about driving a rental car up to a ski resort (I'm from Asia so I haven't driven in snow at all) so I have been looking out for ways to get out to the mountains in NH, VT or even ME.


I've heard there are ski buses that are pretty affordable and include a lift ticket with the $70ish bus fare, and also Wachusett that has a ski train (although it does leave Boston pretty late and get back pretty early). Has anyone had a good experience with a particular bus agency or can recommend a good way to go skiing car-free?


Thanks in advance!



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Haven't had specific experience, but I researched this a couple years ago when I was in a similar position and the various ski bus agencies seemed to be the most viable options. There are a few different companies running them, and it probably changes a bit year-to-year, so I'd just google 'Boston ski bus' to find out who's doing them right now.

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check out skimarket, rei, eastern mountain sports.  I can't remember which stores do the weekly bus trips, but I know some do.  There's also a ski train to Wachusett.

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Here's how my parents did it:




I don't think that runs any more though ;-).



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I swear I recall seeing some train or bus that ran from Boston to Wachussett on weekends.  It appears it is still running!  I bet that is a party train too.  I took the bus from Huntington to Huntahhh a couple of times.  It was a total party on the way back.  beercheer.gifyahoo.gifspit.gif

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check out the BSSC - they have tons of trips.  Also Wicked Sharp Ski and Sports is organizing a few trips.

BSSC: wwww.bssc.com

Wicked Sharp trips: http://wickedsharp.com/bustrip.html - nothing there yet, but they said stuff is a coming.


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thanks guys! this is amazing stuff. will definitely check it out. the new england snow bus is already running this weekend!

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I have been very happy with 


They have 18 trips scheduled (about one a week) to a variety of hills.

Its $79 per trip including lift ticket.

Unfortunately its not a good match for the original  poster, since the pick-ups are in Burlington and Methuen.


But I thought I'd throw it out there for anyone else.

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I recommend Nacski. Here's the link to register: http://www.nacski.com/mr/register.aspx?id=MA80873413. There's a promo code HAXNS which makes your first trip $67 (or $77 after that). As a back door way, you can sign up with new email addresses and keep on entering HAXNS to go for $67. They run to Stowe, Sunday River, Jay Peak, and Loon, and operate Saturdays only. I haven't seen them run anymore than 10 minutes late (they do 2/3 of their business from their Woburn pickup so it sometimes takes 10 minutes to have everyone check in, etc. but they also pickup at Braintree and South Station), and the bus is always at the pickup spot by the advertised departure time. 


Other than that, BSSC is a good choice and are similarly organized well; though they are a bit more expensive once you factor in parking, membership costs, and pricing, unless you take their Wednesday service.


I don't recommend New England Snow Bus. They will cancel on you at the last minute if you're the only one to book the bus at your chosen pickup even if they run the trip and the bus is passing by the pickup anyway, and the bus pulled in 20 minutes later than the advertised departure time on the bus I did take with them. Also, for further away trips such as Stowe and Sunday River, the bus does not pull into the resort til 10/10:15 am making for quite a short day. To add to it, NESB was the only one that did not return my call when I was looking to organize a private charter ski bus for an organization I volunteer with.

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