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New Skier Heading to WY Advice on skis

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I'm new to skiing and live on east coast PA. Just started last winter but was determined to be skiing well by end of season.


Took some bumps for sure, but towards the end of the season I was skiing the black and double black diamonds on less than great conditions. Getting some good speed as well to almost keep up with my skiing buddies.


I know I still have a lot to learn but my friends have been going out West to ski each winter and I wanted to go now so I booked a trip with them to Jackson Hole WY in Feb. The problem is I want to be prepared to be able to ski there and not sure what ski's would suit me? Or if it was better to rent for the week as I'm sure my current ski's are not going to do it out there. If I was to buy ski's I would probably look to fine used ones for sale as well to save on cost.


I'm 6' and 185lbs. I currently have Blizzard Firebird XO 4's at a 167 length and measures 108/68/97 with Salomon C610 bindings. Not sure these are best fit either but I had to start somewhere.. I will say by the end of the season last year I felt these ski's were holding me back some, but maybe that was just in my head? 


Any information and help for East and West skiing would be greatly appreciated.



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Given that you are new to skiing and live in the East (and that is where most of your future skiing is going to be), I'd suggest DEMO'ing while you're out there.  That way, you can try a lot of different skis over the course of your trip, maybe choosing the ski to demo based on expected conditions on the day.  If you "fall in love", then usually most ski shops that do demos credit some portion of your rental cost towards the ski purchase....which sounds good except...well at the end of the season you might find it even cheaper.  Before I moved from NJ to MT, I used to do this because the type of ski needed for each region was SO different and I couldn't afford more than one pair of skis. 


Bring your own boots of course!

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I grew up outside Philly and have now lived in JH for 22 seasons.  You will be blown away by the terrain here.  It's nothing like anything you will find in PA.  I'm not familiar with your skis.  If you think they are holding you back in PA, I would have to guess that they won't cut it here.  I would Demo.  If you are using your own boots, I think the demo cost is about $30/day.  That is probably less than the cost of traveling with your skis on a plane and dealing with the hassle.  I can get you a small discount on demos and purchases if you decide to buy.  You can ship the skis back to PA for less than the airline fee.  We also have a pretty good consignment store in town and you might find a decent used pair at a great price.  Skis are easy to come by here.  I would guess that you will want to try something in the 176-186 length with a waist of not less than 88 and not more than 115 depending on conditions when you arrive.


I teach full time at the Jackson Hole Mountain Resort.  I mostly teach upper level adult lessons...  Mountain Masters program on the web site.  You might benefit from a lesson on the big mountain terrain.  I am also always willing to show Bears around the mountain if they can catch me during some free time, so look me up and we can make a few turns. 

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Thanks guys all good information. I think I'm sold on renting demo's while out there. Sounds like solid advise.


And tetonpwdrjunkie I will reach out to you before coming out in mid Feb. Hope that is a good time to be there! But then again anytime is a good time to ski.



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