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Boot fitting in AZ

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Background: So a few years ago I broke both arms on my dirt bike and I've since been transitioning from Motocross to Skiing. Anyway, I started in a pair of Salamon X-Waves in a 28.5. My gf, who happened to work at a ski shop at the time, noticed I was cranking the buckles. I realized the boots were too big so I picked up a pair of Dolomite U-Drive 10's. My GF skis different than I do and they were much too soft, they worked for her style not mine. So I went to ski pro again and it came down to being between the Full Tilt Seth Morrison's and Some Salamon Falcon CS's 110 flex. I decided to order the Full Tilts but I got the First Chair boot ( basically same as the seth morrison but plain black). I ordered a 26.5 after I was told it would pack out. I wore them around for a month before it snowed and heat set them. After skiing them for 3 days they did not pack out. I LOVED the way they skied but my toes were bleeding at the end of the day and I couldn't handle it. Went back to ski pro and for some reason bought the Falcon CS Boots. Got them for a GREAT price. I for some reason bought them in a 26.5 as well but they fit my foot pretty well. I don't know if it was the 40 extra pounds I had on me last year, or the fact that I was skiing much more aggressively than ever before but they just didn't feel right. No pain but I didn't feel like my foot was connected to the ski, and I think they were also small. A couple of days ago I walked into Alpine Boardsports and tried on some boots. Right out the box the Nordica Firearrows fit my foot without any problems.
I talked with the owner of the shop Alan, and for the price he offered me on the boots and the time he spent talking to me about what I was looking for I took them. Now I'm wondering where to go from here. I want these boots to fit perfect so I can be comfortable and have performance at the same time. I really don't want to switch to snowboarding to get comfortable boots. Snowboarding just feels un natural to me. I'm not opposed to spending a little money, skiing is a bit less expensive than motocross and I know the value of a good boot as my ankles have been saved countless times on my bike. My options for getting work done are slim as I do live in Arizona. It will be a while before I can make it up farther north so I don't know what to do.
Alan mentioned that he was a boot fitter in colorado for several years, has anyone had experience with him? Did I make a mistake with the fire arrows? I liked the way the full tilts performed but the Nordicas fit me much better. From what I've read since the purchase I'm nervous but it seems like no one has even tried these things out yet. Also, I'm worried that they are so comfortable now they may feel different after use.
So, the most important questions are, do I stay with the Nordica or go back and look at more conventional designs? Should I have the local guy make me custom foot beds and make adjustments to the boot in town (he recommended taking specific notes on problem areas/performance while on the mountain so I remember). Should I have the foot beds made here and venture to colorado or utah and have the boots properly fitted there. Should I wait and throw some super feet in and do custom foot beds/adjustments in Colorado/ Utah. What would you do? Also, it's not too late to switch out for another boot but I really want to make the purchase from Alan just based on how well I was treated in the store. I think it would be fine to switch boots but I don't want to just return the ones I bought. If possible I would like to have my boot situation worked out before the season as I want to dedicate my "ski money" to taking trips once the season starts.
Lastly, I forgot to mention, I like going as fast as possible down the groomers but I spend a lot of time in the trees and want to do more powder skiing/hiking this year. I'm skiing Line Prophet 100s 179cm with griffon bindings, if that helps. Sorry for the novel I just want to be as thorough as possible as I've been dealing with this problem for the last 2 years.
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without seeing your feet nobody on here can tell you if the nordicas are the right thing....the one thing is that, Alan, great chap that he sounds like he is, has not suggested footbeds to you or is able to provide them for you.....


this just worries me a little

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Sorry if I wasn't clear, but that was the first thing he suggested before I even tried on any boots.
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ok , good, then trust the man and get on with getting those footbeds in there, the only difficulty is the is the boot the right boot and as i said in the last post very difficult to say that over the net, i am guessing your man will back up his work, if so not too much to worry about, if they are wrong he will sort it out in some way

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