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Please Help with Ski Selection

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Thanks in advance for your replies!!!


Male, 170lbs 5’10, Intermediate-advanced


I bought Atomic Hawk 80 boots, was fitted by a professional.


Now I have to find a pair of skis. I ski mostly in Hunter, Camelback, Bluemountains and few trips to Vermont (Killington and Stowe)


I have been recommended to get Atomic Smoke TI 2012 edition skis, here is a list of skis im considering (some are from prior season skis)


1.       Rossignol SC 80 or 86

2.       K2 Apache Raider

3.       K2 Recon

4.       K2 Phonton

5.       Sultan Legend 85

6.       Blizzard Magnum 8.7 IQ Max

7.       Blizzard Magnum 8.1

8.       Blizzard Magnum 7.6

9.       Volkl 3motion

10.   Volkl AC30

11.   Head Monster IM78

12.   Atomic Smoke TI 2011 or 2012

13.   Prophet 90




1. Please recommend me a pair of skis. I want something that is not too stiff, easy to control, forgiving, and will be easy to maneuver the moguls.


2. I was trying to find how Atomic Smoke TI were improved from 2011 version. Since, I can buy them used at a deep discount.


3. I have booked a trip to Colorado (various mountains epick pass). I was thinking to take my boots with me and rent the skis there. Since the skis I will buy are not really powder skis. What are your thoughts?







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Hi, Welcome to EpicSki!


Some of those skis on your list, being a year or two old model(s) are solid options for the area you ski, and are actually darn good all mountain skis for anywhere you want to ski.  


Of those on your list, I'd suggest the Blizzard Mag 8.1 as a solid choice.  Its a great ski to help you improve your skiing and not hold you back once you've amped up your skill.



There is a ton of good advice coming your way from this forum for most of these skis, whether its the 2012 version you're looking for or if you're looking for something a year or two old.




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As an intermeditate skier looking to improve, I would reccomend the Blizzard 7.6.  This ski was an absolute ball to ski on.  I actually liked it better than the 8.1, mostly due to its forgiving nature and all around fun feel.  At your height & weight I would suggest the 170, but you could go one size shorter if you realy want to ski bumps a lot.  The 7.6 is wide enough for most eastern soft snow days, yet will rail on groomers and hard pack.  This ski performs way beyond its intermediate target audience.


Good Luck,


Rick G

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The Head Monster im78 is also a great choice. I found it super friendly in all conditions.

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Welcome to Epic Ben!  I haven't skied any of the skis on your list, but many of them are well regarded and would be well suited as a non-powder day ski here in Colorado.

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Thanks for all your replies!!!

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Hey Ben, There is no substitute for the real thing...If you can hang on til Dec 10-11, Hunter Mtn. is having their demo day. You can go on line and see a preliminary list of who is going to be there. Bringing your boots with you on your trip out west is a very good idea. Good luck.

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