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Weekday night skiing in Squaw from Roseville

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Hello all:


I've been reading for a while but just joined recently and this is my first post.


I live in Roseville and got Squaw season passes this year for my wife an myself. Because of work I usually would not be able to make it to Tahoe in the afternoon during the weekdays, so I'm usually limited to the weekends, although with Squaw being open until 9pm I'm planning to establish at least a once-a-week-during-the-weekdays getaway. Like an "every tuesday at 3pm weather permiting" thing...


It's an 80 mile drive each way, which I don't mind either driving, nor putting the mileage on my car, nor paying for the gas, BUT it would be nice if someone wanted to commute and share the gas cost at least...


Let me know



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I love Squaw, but I'm not sure I'd drive 160 miles to ski the mountain run under lights for a few hours.  Do you have enough flexibility in your work hours that you could just ski a whole weekday in exchange for more hours on other days (4 x 10 instead of 5 x 8)?

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I really don't have much flexibility hour-wise... I could probably stretch it and leave around 2 at the earliest, which would put me in the mountain around 3:30... there'd be still about 2-3 hours of sunlight, and could use the lights for the park maybe....


As I said, I don't mind the driving and will probably end up going on my own, but just wanted to reach out in case somebody in the Sac area is in a similar position and would like to at least put in one more half-ski day per week and share the gas costs...




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As much as I dislike Boreal, if I were you, I'd go night skiing there. There's probably more variety than the night option at Squaw, and you'll shave about an hour off your total drive time. I think Boreal sells a night ski pass.


I bet you'd find some kids at the local high school whose parents would pay your gas money to drive them up for night laps once a week. Most grown-ups I know are smart enough not to go night skiing (Dookey is the exception).

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I thought Squaw only offered night skiing on Fridays and Saturdays, not everyday?

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My googlemaps says Roseville to Squaw is 90 miles and 1.5 hours. Assuming you have a bronze SV pass and assuming you arrive by 3.30pm-4pm, and assuming the following is repeated, you'll on get 3 hours on snow til 7pm on Monday to Thursday. 


Squaw Valley and Boreal are the two resorts in the North Lake Tahoe region that offer night skiing. At Squaw, the hours for night skiing are 4 p.m. to 9 p.m. on weekends and 4 p.m. to 7 p.m. on weekdays (Monday through Thursday). Boreal offers night skiing from 3:30 p.m. to 9 p.m.


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If that's when you CAN ski, then go and enjoy.


When I was skiing in Michigan, it was not uncommon for me to drive to Boyne Mt to ski, which was 1 1/2 hr drive.  

It got me out on the hill enough to make sure that I got the passion to do something better and more interesting with my ski pass deal going forward.


No matter what kind of skiing Squaw has available at night, I'm betting it will be better than what the little hills in Michigan served up.  


Go and Enjoy!!

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As much as I love Squaw during the day, the night skiing would not be worth a drive for me.  The terrain is extremely limited and none of the choices that make Squaw what it is are on the menu.  Sinecure's advice about going to Boreal is spot-on, it is a lot closer from Roseville.  ( I also +1 the advice not to go night skiing, relative to regular skiing it is, well, night and day).   Well, I correct myself- if park is your deal, then maybe night is a fine option.  I am not sure if the park at Squaw is open at night, although this season a lot of things are changing.  Boreal park always looked open when I was driving by.  


TC: go night skiing at Squaw once and see for yourself.  It is most likely not what you imagine it to be. 


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Alex, go night skiing on a 400 ft vert hill in Northern Michigan and you'll see why I can see the joy in any skiing


You guys are sooooooo spoiled! snowfight.gif

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400 ft? Try 280 ft.


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