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Saloman Vs Atomic Vs Dynastar

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im new to skiing and getting my own skis what is the better brand of skis to get that wont let me down

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You have mentioned three very good brands and the right ski from any of them (or many other great brands as well) will be a good investment. I would suggest that you avoid the low priced "package" skis that you might find find at box type stores. You don't need top of the line gear either but a good mid to mid+ level ski in the proper length will serve you well for a long time. If finances are a concern, make boots your initial investment and resist the temptation to buy on price alone and seek out a qualified bootfitter if possible.



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Hi - Welcome to Epic. IMO all brands have good models for new skiers. ^^^^ What he said about avoiding low price "packages," and about boots. The store doesn't lose money on packages, so you're ending up with something - either skis or boots or both - that's not going to grow with you. Boots are your most important investment. If they hurt, or don't facilitate your skiing, you're not going to want to stay in the sport. So my suggestion is to go to a real ski shop, not a big box store, that has a qualified boot fitter. Not a college kid who likes to ski. And find a medium flex boot that fits your foot, make sure it's very snug because it'll pack out on the slopes. Plan to ski it, then come back to dial in the fit. 


And rent demo skis for a while until you get a feel for what you like. The costs will be balanced by not buying skis right now when they're going up in price, waiting until the spring when they come down.


Good luck.  



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Dude, get your own boots if you don't have them yet. Then get whatever modern ski you can get at a reasonable price. It is hard to find a bad ski these days, unless you buy an old pencil ski on Craigslist. Look at his site, read the reviews to determine what TYPE of ski you need, then just buy whatever is a good deal for you. A used ski is just fine. A used boot would not be fine, so put most of your money there. also, you don't need top of the line gear even if it is a screaming deal. Stiff top level boot and a stiff long ski will most likely hold you back. This site likes to wax poetic about differences in ski models and brands, but in the grand scheme of things they are not hugely different. The difference between a bad fitting boot and a good fitting boot is night and day.
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