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I went up on Friday.  (Same day as you bjohansson?)  My first turns of the season were from the top of the gondola to the triple through a white-out caused by the snowguns.  Couldn't see a thing.  It was awesome!  icon14.gif


I went on Friday hoping that I'd be the only one there, but it wasn't to be.  Seemed like most people were being courteous -- i.e., I didn't see any really out-of-control skiing, and nobody came close to hitting me.  Liftlines were short.  Conditions were actually pretty good -- I figured it was going to be a frozen up ice ball after the rain on Thursday, but it was pretty good.  After I got my ski legs back, I spent most of my time skiing the bump run.  At least they left something ungroomed, but, as said above, there wasn't anything approaching a well-formed bump line.


Still, it was fun to get out.  I only stayed for three hours or so; just wanted to verify that I sort of remember what I'm doing on skis.  Worst part was having to hike back up the walkway to get back to the gondola so you could download.

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That vid is from a week ago Sunday.

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Killington is still the only game in town for the most part.  Blowing snow last night but it's warm again today.


Anyone planning to head up this weekend?  I will try for a day if conditions improve.

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They're blowing snow from the top all the way down to lower Bunny Buster today.

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It's the weekend before Thanksgiving.  It's time for East Coasters to ski!

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Buzz, Dave and I are tentatively planning for Sunday @ K.  How does that sound for you?

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KevinF...sounds like we were there the same day.  I don't mind the hike back's early season and it's almost like earning your turns biggrin.gif


I also found the people to be remarkably well-behaved...the visibility was so poor because of the snow guns, it would have been mayhem if the vibe was more agro...

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I think the lower mountain will be open from the looks of the snowmaking going on now and the cold temps expected.


Brian, Sunday is a possibility.  Then again... so is Saturday.



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Originally Posted by bjohansson View Post


I also found the people to be remarkably well-behaved...the visibility was so poor because of the snow guns, it would have been mayhem if the vibe was more agro...

Occupiers are being evicted.  Could spell chaos for Killington!


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K blew snow to the KBL.  See here:


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Killington is skiing top to bottom now!  Nice effort on their part.


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Liv4Ski and I will be there tomorrow (Sunday).

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Skied Killington Monday and Tuesday.....pull out the armada Tsts and put them back within a half day.....skies were great in crud but just not enough terrain to let them run.....have to say kudos to the management at Killington to make it work this early in the season with no serious cold weather forecasted or actual snow fallen


my cross contacts were just fine...concluded too early for skiing here...10 trails open with not too much interesting terrain......legs were worked  but feel great which is a good sign


with that said it was absolutely great to get some serious natural fresh air,  and enjoyed the sushi and happy hour afterwards at a local establishment...


Colorado next week and the Tsts are packed an ready to go....nothing booked yet except for flights but will hit any area that gets a hit of snow....and so the season begins


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How about Friday.  Should have 4 or 5 in our group. 

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