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Guns are on at K

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Killington is making snow like crazy right now.  Looks like they are shooting for Saturday.  Very aggressive.  Maybe they want that October opening.


This is exciting!

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And a foot of natural too!!

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No word yet on an opening date?  Even bigger storm headed our way for Saturday night.  Cold temps, snow, plus more than a foot of natural - It's gotta be Sunday!


Can't waitski.gif

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buddy of mine is hiking up and skiing kmart. they are very hush hush about whether or not they will open.

i hear mt. snow got close to a foot and may open this weekend. they've been snowmaking overnight.


Woohoo!!!! Oct. turns in the northeast!


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they veil of silence has been lifted!





Roughly two months after tropical storm Irene damaged the Northeast,

Killington Resort opens for early season skiing and riding


KILLINGTON, Vt. (October 28, 2011) Vermont is open for business! Killington Resort welcomes skiers and riders back to the slopes for the kick-off of the 2011-12 winter season on Saturday, October 29, 2011, nearly nine weeks after tropical storm Irene devastated the Northeast. Thanks to Mother Nature, Killington received nine inches of natural snow in the last 24 hours and our dedicated snowmakers will continue to make snow as well as expand the terrain as long as conditions permit.


“It’s incredible to see how quickly Killington Resort and our surrounding communities have been restored after the damage brought by tropical storm Irene,” stated Chris Nyberg, president and general manager for Killington Resort. “All roads leading in and out of Killington have all been repaired and we are proud to provide our guests with early season skiing and riding,” added Nyberg.


Skiing and riding will be on advanced terrain only on the un-groomed Rime trail, providing roughly 600 vertical feet of terrain. No beginner terrain will be available at this time.


Hours of operation will be 10:00 a.m. to 4:00 pm on Saturday and 9:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. on Sunday. The K-1 Gondola will provide uploading and downloading, while access from the top of the K-1 Gondola down and up from the skiing and riding terrain will be via a short walk on the Peak Walkway.


This weekend, lift tickets are $39 for adults (19-64), $33 for Young Adults/Seniors (13-18/65+) and $27 for Juniors (7-12). Season pass holders who have not activated their passes may do so at the Snowshed Sales Center beginning at 9:00 a.m. Saturday, October 29.


Beverages, hot dogs, chili and light snacks will be available for purchase at the base of the North Ridge Triple Chair and the K-1 Lodge will be open for ticket sales, lunch, guest service, retail and restrooms.


Killington Resort anticipates skiing and riding on the upper mountain terrain through Sunday, October 30. Our crews will re-evaluate the conditions on Sunday afternoon and determine the operating schedule for the following week. Check www.killington.com each day after 4:00 p.m. to see if we will operate the following day.




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Must resist urge to ski WROD.

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What's a gun?

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An East coast tool that emits snow.


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Originally Posted by Paul Jones View Post

An East coast tool that emits snow.




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Who's in for this weekend?  At this time it looks like Sunday for me.


Place will be a zoo, but that's ok.


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Sunday will probably be the day to be there. Between the fresh snow and the snowmaking, there is a better chance that they will also have more terrain open. Not to mention that if they do get some substantial snow Saturday night on top of what they already have, then a little poaching might be in order (you didn't hear that from me)wink.gif I'm thinking Saturday will be the busiest, as there's all kinds of Halloween parties going on Saturday night, so come Sunday morning the ones that had sense enough to resist temptation and get to bed early will be the ones that get fresh tracks. I haven't heard them commit to being open on Monday, I think this may be just a weekend deal. But if they do, I'd be tempted to stick around an extra day.

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I have a 5k in the am & a 12 mile trail race on Sunday....otherwise I'd be out!  I thought of hiking for BC turns this am.  I want a full report!

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Check in later if you are heading up to Killington on Sunday.  There's only one lift so everyone will be right there.  We can say hello.

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For a variety of reasons, I can't get up there this weekend mad.gif

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Looks like not much of a crowd today.  Big dump down south so Sunday should be quiet too.


Open top to bottom!






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Wow! Wish I wasn't working this weekend. Never been to the big K before.

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Originally Posted by Paul Jones View Post

Open top to bottom!






Correction:  there is not top to bottom skiing as of Saturday.  Great Northern is open from the top of the K1, but you still have to climb back up via the cat walk.


Sunday may be a different story.  Lots of snow on the way.  Up to a foot expected in the Southern Greens.


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What is the snow like this early in the season. I usually dont have an chance to get out much before mid december but I have the itch bad this year and want to grab an early day.

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Originally Posted by Bielz View Post

What is the snow like this early in the season. I usually dont have an chance to get out much before mid december but I have the itch bad this year and want to grab an early day.

I thought it was pretty good on Monday. Full coverage on the groomed runs. I only skied for about an hour in the morning, though (new boots were killing me). Very limited terrain, of course. I'm an hour away and I wouldn't go again until they get more opened up. Now I can say I've skied in the east in October...

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The conditions on Sunday were well above what I was expecting.  Plenty of soft snow, but not a powder day by most people's standards.  Nice bump line under the chair.  Only 2 trails, for the most part.


Very enjoyable day and I am glad that I went.  I made the call half and hour before I jumped in the car.  I want to get back up there soon!

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Get out and support veterans by skiing at K on Veteran's Day this Friday.  How can you support veterans, you ask?  Buy me a beer!beercheer.gif

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I will clear my calendar.  Hope the temps stay cold this week.

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Anyone been to Big K in the last couple days? Worth a two hour drive to get an early season fix?

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Haven't been since last week but temps have been very warm the last couple of days. Rain tomorrow, unfortunately. From the highway it looks like all the snow is gone off Sunapee and Whaleback (from the storm).

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Went up to Killington today.  Despite a gloomy forecast, the weather was surprisingly bearable.  Temps hovering around 30, winds above Killington Peak were howling as indicated by the scud flying by but at the trail level, almost no wind.  Northridge chair wasn't wind-affected at all. There was a light dusting overnight about 200 vert above the K-1 Lodge. They had the guns going all day (at least until I bailed at about 1:15).  It was not too crowded...I would estimate 5 minute lift waits but too many people on too few trails. The first half of Upper East Fall had some terrain park features open and the lower half had huge bumps but they were not well formed and had no rhythm.  Almost nobody skied there so that's where I hung out mst of my day.  Rime was basically the WROD that was exacerbated by the constantly running snow guns making visibility iffy at best.  It was snowing pretty good when I left but there was no precip before noon-ish.


Still, it was my first day and it was a good one.

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did they confirm if its open on this Monday (11-14)  or for that matter during midweek now or just weekends at Killington? 

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They are open 7 days a week.

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nice!...will venture up one day this week to get the lead out

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video from our second day out at Killington.  Not the greatest skiing on my part, but that's what it was like.  I am first 2 shots, liv4ski is third.




same as below.






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Man, that looks fun!!!  

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