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Low Intermediate skill Boot concerns

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About Me:


I started skiing two seasons ago (at 25 5'9'' about 160lbs) and have been having a blast and absolutely love it so far. I have also read these forums and have picked up some great tips about everything for a beginner.


I would consider myself an advanced beginner/ low intermediate after about 10-12 days on the slopes. I have only used rental equipment in the past and only skied the Vermont mountains (Stratton, Bromley, Mt. Snow, Okemo) but I will be making a 7 day trip to BC/Vail this December and I am beyond excited.


This season I have thought it would be best to invest in a set of my own boots finally and I am very wanting to advance my skiing and plan on many more days on the mountain and lessons this season. I went to the ski shop I use in Westchester for my season equipment leasing and tried on a few different pairs and sizes and they did a shell fitting and everything although I wouldn't consider it a very advanced boot-fitting experience based on everything I have read here in the past. I ended up choosing a Tecnica Demon 100 Airshell boot at 26.5 size. The fit seemed very snug to tight with my toes firmly against the front when standing upright and just brushing the front when flexed forward, also very little to no movement any where else. I also got a standard footbed that felt more supportive in the arch and heel.


My concern happened when I got home and researched the boot more closely and on the Tecnica and other websites they list the boot as for advanced intermediates-experts. Will this boot be too high performance/flex for my level? Should I look toward the less advanced tecnica airshell boots (Phoenix 12 or Max 10) if the fit is the same? Also any other recommendations for my skill level, I know that fit is most important but I don't want to be out there in a good fitting boot that will be too advanced for me.


Thanks for any help and suggestions!

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all the words are marketing.


as the "ability" of the boot increases, it just gets narrower.  So a "race" boot is not just for hardpack, but for a narrow foot, or for someone who demands a tighter, more responsive fit.

a beginner boot is a wide boot, that someone who wants/needs a wide boot should be in


also boots get stiffer as they get marketed


this is oversimplefied, but you get the picture.




read this,  then re-read it, and most of what you ask, will be answered

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If I can simplify and add to MTLION's comments, think of the market more like this, Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced, Expert. No replace those words with these, Crap, Poor, Reasonable and Good quality products. Simples innit. So much more margin at the mower end of the market to subsidise the higher priced better quality products, pretty much the same in any business, not right or wrong, but the reality.

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So the skill levels they assign are basically bogus? The skill levels just relate to the quality of the boot? If that is the case shouldn't I just want to get the most advanced/expert boot that I could afford/fit into because it would be the best quality?


I mean I really am an amateur when it comes to this stuff as I have only ever skied in well used rental boots so I have never been on the snow in new/quality boots.

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    Hi greenwave, 


    Since you have been in rental gear I think you may never have had that great little word "CONTROL", since it only comes along in a well fitted (read--correct size---correctly set up) boots.  Control leads to confidence, which when combined,  allows the "skills" you learn in a lesson to work.  Get the best boot you can afford and make sure (find a fitter) it is set up for your lateral and Fore/aft alignment needs and go have some fun, the likes of which you have never experienced.



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