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Replace Skin Tail Clips

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Hello all, 

I'm hoping this is in the correct forum. Having recently been bit by the powder bug a couple years ago, I am relatively new to the sport and am trying to get into backcountry skiing. Last winter, I bought myself a pair of K2 Hardsides and mounted Barons on them. I made my first backcountry trip last April to Tuckermans's Ravine on Mt. Washington in NH. Today, I bought my first set of skins, however in a total lapse of judgement, bought the wrong length. They were an eBay purchase so a return isn't exactly an easy option.


The skins are G3 Alpinists in the XL length, which is recommended for skis 189-199 cm long, however my skis are 174's. My question is what is the best way to adapt the skins to my setup? Could I possibly drill the rivets out of the existing hardware, cut the skins and relocate the hardware? Would it best to purchase replacement tail straps/hardware?


Thanks for the help!


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Hay Matt! Welcome to the BC. I'm no pro myself but have read a lot, toured a bunch and have some great mentors. If it was me, I'd get some BD STS straps and trim the skins tail to fit.  I use this system and it's quite adjustable. You could buy the kit for the front too directly from BD.


You're a lot better off having bought a skin too long than to short.





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Forget the straps.      Make a rat tail.

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Either of the above suggestions are good, and it is possible to cut off, drill out, and relocate the straps as posited in the OP.  


It'll be a nice evening project.  

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All of you are making this way harder than it needs to be.

Just keep the welded tail hardware, snip off the tip hardware, then replace with with a simple folded-over (or sewn with Speed Stitcher Sewing Awl) tip loop/bar.

(I have some extra I can sell for almost nothing, although I'm not sure if they're wide enough for your tip.)

If you want to get really fancy, then try to get the clever little tip hook from K2 or La Sportiva that clips into your tip holes.  Even if end up doing a sloppy job there, at least it won't be dragging on the snow like whatever you try to rivet onto the tail (instead of keeping the slick welded tail hardware).

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To the OP. Listen to JS. He's owned, fondled, modified, used and abused every piece of back country gear there is. I'd just add that as a 1st time fiddler, fold over the tip and secure with a wrap of tape. Try it out a few times and if you nailed it with the length- sew it. Or not. Howyadoin, JS?

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Thanks for the tips guys! Sounds like my best option will be like JS said, I'm going to order some K2 tip clips and use my tip holes. I like their design but didn't want to shell out the extra money for their skins. I think I'm going to cut the tip a tad shorter than I need because I will be able to adjust the tension of the tip. This early snow in New England is really getting me amped for the season! I watched "Steep" today and have been dreaming of powder days all week.
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If I hear you correctly, you're going to keep the adjustable rubber strap attachment at the tail of the skin and replace those G3 hooks at the front of the skin with the BD adjustable tip loop. As long as you can adjust the length, your on the right track. BD has a good tutorial on how to cut the skins for the proper width of your skis on their web site. Good luck!

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Im actually going to use the K2 style "Z-Clip" that will work with my skis (K2 put tip and tail holes in their "Adventure" line). I think their design is pretty slick. I like the Alpinist tip connection equally, but as far as modifications go, I think that the Z-Clip is my best option for a high tech set up. The K2 skins were double the price... I watched a tutorial from G3 about trimming their skins to size, and include a neat little trimming tool. Should do the job nicely.

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