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Sugarloaf, Maine

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We are thinking of doing a trip to Sugarloaf and maybe spending a day at Saddleback.  It has been a long time since I have been to Sugarloaf and it was only a day stay.  If we are going to be there a few days mid week, any suggestions as to lodging.  Probably looking for a studio or 1 bedroom condo with easy lift access at an affordable rate.  Any info is appreciated. 

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Do a trip to Saddleback and spend a day at Sugarloaf, but don't tell anyone about Saddleback, it is one of New England's best kept secrets! Saddleback is a small resort on a big mountain. They are lacking the infrastructure of the more popular resorts, such as high speed lifts and hotels, however the extra time on the lift is made up by the time not spent in line. Their summit isn't accessible by lift, as it is property of the AMC, however it can be an easy hike to the snowfields. Muleskinner, their signature trail is a blast. You have to take two lifts and walk along a narrow path to get there to get there but you won't be disappointed. They also have some fantastic glades. The only lodging that I know of in the area are the condos on site. Rangely is pretty secluded so come prepared. We had a blast there.


Edit: It also is a fantastic value! 

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Thanks for the tip on Saddleback!

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Definitely do Saddleback, the Casablanca glades are amazing and saddleback typically gets a little more snow then sugarloaf as the locals have told me. As Matt said it is a very well kept secret and people typically will go to Sugarloaf because it is more well known. But Saddleback is a great hill and is a little cheaper and definitely worth the 45 minute trip from sugarloaf. I stayed in a place called Loon Lake Lodge in Rangeley, we got a room with one double and a futon and crammed 5 people in there, i cant remember if they had bigger rooms or not but you can check it out on their website. Its was really reasonable and had an awesome atmosphere. There was a bar downstairs where several locals enjoyed a few cold ones after long ski day. Awesome views of the sunrise over the frozen lake. The lodge was 100 years old (literally) and had a real cool feel to it. Also, you can get like 5 or 10 bucks off a lift ticket to Saddleback if you stay there.


Heres the link:


Good luck on your trip.


Quick Tip: If you like Glades once you get to the upper lift, just keep cycling it because the lines are like less then a minute where the lines at the lower lift can be like 15 or so depending on the day.


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I'm chuckling at the drift of this thread.

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