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The new Ski Magazine Resorts Issue is out this week.  On page 138 there is a collection of off the wall, but real comments made by readers in response to the annual resort rankings survey.  Here are a few of them:

I'm not thin enough or young enough to enjoy the nightlife.  

It's a better place to eat than ski.

The expert trails are too hard.

There is nothing to do but ski.

The only thing that's missing is Mickey Mouse.

I like quaint and local color, but this place is just plain old.

Great steeps!  You need to bring a change of underwear for every run.

There was too much powder to ski.

If it were closer to my house and had better lifts and more snow, I would come here every weekend.

The liftlines are so long that no one comes here anymore.

The bathrooms are so nice I could have eaten my lunch in one.