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Race Plates for Kids' Skis?

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I just bought my 55 pound nine year old daughter some entry level, not very stiff race skis.  Atomic Race 10 Juniors, 115 cm. She's just learning to run gates on Development Team. It's her second year on Devo Team.


To my surprise, the skis came with race plates attached.  I know the advantages of race plates.  


The question is, are there disadvantages?  Will they make the skis stiffer or harder for her to handle?  Will they be less versatile, less fun in freeskiing situations?  Am I crazy to take them off and save them for later?  Obviously she's not just a racer, she loves to ski the whole hill.  And she may not be good enough (yet) to reap the benefits of the plates.



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Leave them on, no real disadvantage to them and also saves having to drill the ski again. 

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