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Firearrow, RTM 84, Magnum 8.1?????

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Hello All:


Need new skis and don't have a clue what to get out of a couple of choices.  I am an eastern skier/instructor.  I am hoping to pass my LIII skiing this winter ( passed one examiner out of 3 on a prior try).   I am 54 years young and big - 6" 1" 220 lbs. and have been skiing on Volkl AC30s or Nordica Hot Rod Nitrous the last couple of years.  Between the two, I find the Nordicas to be much more fun, easier to ski in the bumps and less demanding over an 8 hour shift. Unfortunately, we know that skis are built to fit a lifecycle imposed by recreational users and my poor Nordicas are tired.


One should never complain about having the opportunity to buy on pro form, but often you find that by the time skiing starts in the east and you manage to actually demo something, you may not be able to get it pro.  So I am looking for whatever tidbits anyone here can offer to help with a couple of choices.


I am thinking of four skis.   The Volkl RTM 84, the Firearrow 80 pro, the Firearrow 74 EDT, and the Blizzard Magnum 8.1.  I would like something quick and playful because left to my own devices I ski with all the joy and spontaneity of the Red Army grinding across the steppes towards Berlin (Bumps and "versatility" are my weak points).  I am very wary of going wider than the 78 mm waist of the Nitrous but also know that a 74 mm waist will not be an asset at an exam in late March.  I can ski a narrow waist in the mush, but would prefer not to if I can get a little more float without giving up too much quickness.  The RTM 84 just looks too wide for bumps and a Volkl rep I talked to left me with the impression that the RTM 80 might not be enough ski.  This leaves the Firearrow 80 and the Blizzard 8.1 as first choices, but I don't really know much about either except that I would be buying a couple of cans of black spray paint if I got the Firearrow 80.


Anyway, I would appreciate any reality based feedback anyone can offer.







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The RTM 84 is not to wide for bumps, I passed my L3 with a 85mm skis and at the same time someone passed on Line P100. Its not the ski that will pass you it you that will pass you.


with that said those are all fine choices, I would not be to worried about 4mm in waist width......





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On paper, those three skis sound very similar, since we don't ski on paper..lets get into how they ski on snow...where you will actually BE skiing them.


RTM84...This is NOT your AC30, just wider. The AC30 (especially the 76mm one) was a very uncompromising ski and the RTM has been hanging out way too long with it's cousins from K2. With it's full rocker profile , the RTM84 is a very easy ski to ski and out of the three, probably the best in the bumps but will have to constantly be on edge if you expect any hard snow control. If you were west and didn't have to deal with eastern ice, it could be your choice.


Magnum 8.1...A slight evolution this year from last with the addition of early rise. I have been referring to this Magnum series as "Volkls with personality", the 8.1 will give you everything you liked from your AC30 but be much easier to ski with a much bigger sweetspot.


FireArrow80...This is your old Hot Rod that has been slimmed down a bit and has been toned up at the gym. You will feel right at home.


Personally, I think the 8.1 is the best balance of the three and really cannot even think of another ski that wasn't mentioned that I would really choose over it..for what you are looking for. There isn't a bad ski in the bunch, it comes down to what you want. 

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Was on the Firearrow 80's last year and very disappointed at speed/pressure on the groom  - just didn't stand up, great elsewhere and will probably use them as powder ski's this year (I'm not big into 'fats' .. and can't afford them).  Tried the 74 edt's and they performed much better.  If they had produced an 80 with edt plate I would have gone for it.  Mixed reports as to whether the 80 pro is stiffer than last years 80, same construction so ......

I've gone for the Magnum 81's for this season .... and they are sitting in the shop waiting for me now

Guess its down to how much support and confidence need in your ski's on the front side and if thats what you want, then are you prepared for the compromise you will need to make on the backside.

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Look at the Atomic D2 VF 75, or 82, followed by the Fischer Progressor 9000, 10+ c, 1000c. Most of the people I know working on the MT. are on these.

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