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Low rise demo binding

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We'll be tripping to North Lake Tahoe in March and I'm starting to look at the logistics of dragging fatter skis around the world, whilst staying within baggage weight limits.  It gets harder every time ...


I'm thinking Tahoe will require a ski that's a bit longer than GF's existing wheelie ski bag, so I'm exploring the idea of stripping bindings off both our skis, leaving the bindings in her bag, and stashing both pair of skis in my own (longer) bag.  I'm thinking that will require a demo binding, as I don't want to be unscrewing the things from our skis.  DIN is not terribly important - she rides at about six.  What is important is the ramp.  We've both decided we prefer a little ramp angle.  Her carving skis are Kästle MX70 (160cm) with a demo Salomon Z10 binding.  They're here beside me; 5mm of ramp - 29/34mm.  G was immediately more at home on that setup than her old Atomics (with minimal ramp of 28/29mm).  She felt her skiing improved noticeably as soon as she came to grips with the MX70s (about three turns).


With a wider ski I'd prefer a stance that is lower over the ski, if possible.  So, I'm looking for a binding with a biggish ramp angle which allows the toe and heel piece to be easily removed from the plate, and a low profile.  Salomons are an option again (of course) but ideally there's something out there that has less lift off the ski.


Any thoughts?


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I don't really get why you want to remove bindings from the skis. Is it so they will fit in the ski bag? If so imo it would make more sense to get a larger bag. Also the statement "Din doesn't matter" is well, wrong. Din does not change if you remove the binding, but forward pressure and boot location on the ski will need to be reconfigured if heel and toe piece are removed.


Depending on what the airline charges for carrying your skis, you might be better off renting skis especially if you want to try wider skis in that heavy Tahoe snow.

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the marker griffon/jester demo bindings are in essence the same stack height, weight, ramp, and performance as their alpine non-demo equivalent.  they ski awesome and you can quickly pull the toe and heel off for travel.


strongly recommended.  

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Tyrolia Railflex bindings. 


One screw, and everything slides right off.  As long as long don't take them apart, when you replace them you don't have to worry about forward pressure.



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Yes, the ability to easily remove the toe and heel piece would make packing more simple.


Sorry, of course DIN matters.  In saying "DIN doesn't matter" I was referring to the fact that a 10 - 12 DIN binding would be fine - no need for anything more.  I'll be checking the forward pressure each time, no problem.


I considered Railflex, as I have a couple of skis with this system.  Neither has the ramp angle we're after.  I've read the Marker Griffon/Jester ramp is similarly flat.  Can the toe / heel piece be removed from a Look PX demo binding (or derivatives like the Dynastar / Rossi binding)?


Given the success of the Solly binding I might just look around for another pair of those.


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Another option would be to drill your bindings and set them up with inserts, so non rail / demo bindings could be removed time and time again without wearing out the holes.  However, that seems like a lot of effort and I've never used them personally so consult someone who really knows what they're talking about before truly considering this.

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