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Good resorts in BC canada or Alberta for good ski trip

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I am in Ontario Canada and do a yearly ski trip to Western Canada to BC for downhill skiing.


Been to Whistler once and been to Revelstoke BC twice and loved it there 


I am considering going back to Revelstoke for a 3rd time. But i like some suggestions of other good ski resorts in BC or Alberta that are worth checking out,


Whistler is good but everyone goes there, so i sorta like to skip it.


What other places offer good terrain and long runs like Revelstoke.

looking for trip in january or Feb 2012


Would lake louise be worth it? how bout kicking horse?


Thanks and love your feedback.

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Haven't you posted this same question (or something very similar) every year for the past two or three years?

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Like this one:




and this one:




and this one:




and don't forget here:




Notice in the last one, it was suggested that you may very well be a marketing troll for Kicking Horse.


Considering that you clearly read this intensive KH trip report (since you posted in it), you should have more than enough information and are looking more and more like a marketing troll.


So maybe go away or stop asking dumb questions about Kicking Horse?

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How bizarre!

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Funny people


all i was asking is from peoples experiences from last season


what was your opinion of the ski resort you skied at


Really to get an idea to do something different. That is all


no need for the insults please

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why are you asking about Kicking Horse AGAIN then? Seems you have all the info you need in those threads posted above.

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World Traveler123, one of your posts said you went to KH.  Have you been there or not?

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never made it to KH

just revel stoke

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Whether or not you're a marketing plant, why do you ask questions over and over again and not bother to look at the answers? You've already gotten as much info as anyone has to offer; go look at those other threads. Why ask again? It's either really shady or totally lazy.

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what he said ^^

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why not start at either red mtn or fernie,

then head east into alberta to the banff resorts of sunshine then onto lake louise

and lastly finish it off with 3 days remaining to take a jaw droppingly lovely  3 hr ride

 up the icefield parkway to jasper (marmot mtn)?drool.gif

jasper is imo a true lovely quaint mtn town...


the icefield parkway


has been noted in many travel books as one of THE most lovely

 mtn highways in the world...you'll be blown away on a clear day...'tis like riding through 12 switzerlands

 and each way (north to jasper and then south back to banff) has different perspectives on the gorgeous rocky mtn ranges

...lots of ''animal jams'' with white billy goats clogging the highways at times...you might see huge elk....bears...nature at its best man.

emerald lakes just like in the postcards...


that is a 1-2 wk trip i'm planning actually, which i hear is best mid march

(not as cold and still lots of great snow)

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lots of ''animal jams'' with white billy goats clogging the highways at times...you might see huge elk....bears...


lol...there are virtually no animal jams in the winter. I can gaurantee you are not going to see bears on the Parkway on a February ski trip. Billy Goats are an occasional site. Best scenery ever though for sure. FYI I travel that stretch of roads very regularly...several times per month and multiple time per week in the winter. I'll never get sick of it.

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thanks for that correction...esp given my perspective was in sept when I last travelled it.


but you'd think i'd know better given 'hibernation' months for bears..>DUH!!! on my part,  ;)


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My thoughts on world traveller...

Still lives with parents and may still be in highschool. He loves to ski and likes to dream about it... A lot like me.

He lives in the greater Toronto area in the suburbs... Markham maybe?

He'd like to get out skiing more but there's not many places to go in the vertically challenged GTA and he usually needs his folks to foot the bill.

Traveller: am I close?

In any case I don't think we should be too hard on him... He's just a guy who loves the mountains just like the rest of us.
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So he posted a TR on Kicking Horse, then asks about it stating he's never been there. What's up with him?


BTW, KH is awesome, but I think you already know this. So is Revelstoke, Sunshine, Fernie, LL, Red, etc.

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from what I have heard, however, kicking horse and revelstoke are, in general, for more seasoned/advanced skiers ... even to the expert ranges

am I right?


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First of all. I don;t live in Toronto 

i am i more northwestern ontario.


I own my own house and own 2 others that are my business ventures, well i am the landlord to the others.


Yes we do have downhill skiing in this area, but no big mountains.


I in posts from last year, got addicted to this site. AS well i wrote out my posts all wrong to which people miscommunicate them.


Reason for my start of this thread is there is so many great places to choose from to ski that. That I can not make a good decision on. I have done Revelstoke twice and loved that slow technical type of skiing. Was amazing.


But was hoping to get suggestions of where to try next if i wanted something new.


So what i like is just feedback as most place in BC and Alberta are amazing.


So now I like ask. How come you all like to make fun of people on the forums. I thought this was a place of neutral friendship etc.

without judging others?

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No one's making fun of you, dude. I thought it was weird that you asked the same question like five times, and I still do. That's all I was saying.


JoeSchmoe was actually trying to defend you, not insult you. At least that's how I read it. 


I'll give you some advice. If you have really general questions like "What's the best resort in BC (or Vermont)," do a little research, narrow it down a bit and ask more specific questions. Check out the state/province ski association's website to see what's there, look at individual resort sites and read the reviews here or at other sites like OnTheSnow. Then, if you still have questions, you can actually ask a specific question that people can answer.


Ask questions that actually pertain to your skiing. You said that you like the pace at Revelstoke; what do you like about? What specific types of runs, snow conditions, off-slope activities, etc. do you like? Ask for recommendations based on those instead of just super general recommendations. 


Keep asking very general questions like "What's the greatest resort in Canada," and you're just going to get a bunch of individual opinions without ever getting an answer (because there is no answer).

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Ok thank you then. Sorry for the non specific questions. I will be more specific.

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Ok all here is a more specific Question. I hope to get a better answer here.


I like Revelstoke for its long runs and technical.


Now i was just reading about Fernie, BC. looks really nice there as well. Lots of variety.


Now for all of you on this forum who have ski in Fernie,BC. What did you think of the resort?

What i am getting at. How long would you say it took you to ski from top to bottom of the hills in Fernie? i know the length is bait shorter then Revy, but like some feedback

if anyone who has ski at both places or anywhere similar?

What was your overall experience to Fernie regarding the length of time you were to ski one long run there?


Thanks. (I hope this sounds more intelligence and does not cause backlash. I am sorry if i may have cause grief)

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Now that's actually a question. And I can even answer part of it for you. I have no experience with BC, but I have been to Lake Louise, which you mentioned in your OP.


The thing I liked most about Lake Louise was its long runs. I forget exactly what their vertical is, but you can ride it from the top to the base in a continuous run with mostly black diamond terrain. I know a lot of big resorts have split bases where it takes you four lifts to get to the top and there's no real way to take in all the vertical in one long run. At Louise, you can get to the top with a lift or two and take in all or most of the vertical in one shot, which is nice. The steeps and bowls on the backside were a lot of fun too.


The snow won't be anything like Revelstoke in terms of quantity--I think Louise averages around 200 to 250 inches--but when I was there it was still nice and soft and easy to navigate, even though they hadn't had a storm in a couple weeks.


And the scenery has got to be the best in North America.

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Now, the thing with Fernie is there is a HUGE amount of technical terrain compared to "intermediate" or "advanced" terrain.  Take a look at their trail map.  There's been some posting here about the number of days they are closed due to avalanche blasting.  Something to take into account.



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Have you considered US destinations? Not sure where you are in NW ontario but if you're willing to schlepp it down to Minneapolis or Detroit you can fly direct to Denver or SLC for dirt cheap.

From Southern Ontario I can fly out of the states and ski SLC for literally half the price of Canada.
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I am in Thunder Bay.

I was once looking at the USA.


Perhaps looked at Aspen Colorado or resorts in that area like Steamboat etc.


For the post on Fernie, you mentioned about technical as to advanced level?


The runs at Fernie are they more difficult then say hard runs at Revelstoke?


As well for Fernie were you saying they close some it regular due to avalanches?


LAke Louise would be good to go to as well. Like Revelstoke you can take lift or 2 right to the top and ski the whole part of the mountain. Continously, that is what I prefer.


Right now i am deciding between 4 places for CAnada. Revelstoke, Kicking horse, Lake Louise and Fernie

For now.


If i decide on USA , something in Colorado is probably what I am looking at , Such as Steamboat or those other resorts in that area.


More less looking for somewhere that has a long continous runs and can easy take lifts right to top of mountain,


So there are options.


Problem is that there are too many options really. Too many decisions. but good thing season has not started yet.



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like i suggested, bud, even if you don't do fernie (as it does look pretty technical) then stick with banff/sunshine and lake louise (banff is a great ski town, nestled in gorgeous scenery')

and lake louise is quaint and lovely too...then headout afterwords and enjoy a jaw droppingly gorgeous ride up and down the icefield parkway to Jasper (one very cool quaint mtn town) for marmot mtn

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I'll take an option away for you. When I said that some resorts require you take four lifts to get to the top and don't let you drop all their vertical, Steamboat is exactly what I had in mind. The 'Boat has great snow and great trees, but its 3,700 vertical feet is deceiving. The first lift you'll see is a gondola, but that only goes up to about 9,000 (from 6,900) feet or so. Then, you have to ski down some short, boring run, hop on another lift, ski down the backside, hop on the Morningside Lift and hike about 10 minutes to get to the top of Mt. Werner at 10,500 feet or so. It's not a process you necessarily want to do many times in a day.


From the top, most of the steeps and trees end up at a crappy cat walk that you have to traverse down to actual skiing. Then you ski for a while and have an even longer, crappier green traverse take you back to the base. So you really don't get that long, top-to-bottom run that you're looking for.

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Fernie is putting in a new lift that hopefully will alleviate some of avalanche control delays. When its good, its really good!  Some of the best tree skiing I've ever done.


Aspen/Highlands have very long top to bottom runs.  Snowmass is big and has some long runs, but I rarely go all the way to the bottom there. 

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I am also in Thunder Bay.  We flew Westjet to Big White in Kelowna last year.  Awesome snow and very resonably priced. I highly recommend it.   This year we are going to drive to Duluth and catch an Allegant flight to Vegas - rent a car and drive up to Mammoth.  The flight to Vegas is $99 each way.  

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big white is a nice mtn...but if you're to make a trip out west there are wayyyyy better choices for resorts, imo.
and i want to be clear, i'm not dissing big white (have skiied it 3x) love the little village feel, but there are many better cdn choices out there for a more robust big ass mtn ski experience.

and i can't think of better than banff and jasper, starting with red/fernie that has so many great elements: skiing, ambiance, apres ski, stunning vistas etc


lastly big white has another name known to locals as 'big white-out'  as in it can get pretty foggy up there too....sure on nice days it's gorgeous, but....

Originally Posted by Gluecipher View Post

I am also in Thunder Bay.  We flew Westjet to Big White in Kelowna last year.  Awesome snow and very resonably priced. I highly recommend it.   This year we are going to drive to Duluth and catch an Allegant flight to Vegas - rent a car and drive up to Mammoth.  The flight to Vegas is $99 each way.  



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