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Smith ODS / ODS 2 RX Inserts - both sold

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Finally got Lasik and no longer need to correct my vision on the slopes!


Over the years I have collected some RX inserts for Smith Optics goggles. I have the original ODS RX insert (for Prodigy, Phenom and Knowledge OTG Turbo/Non-Turbo Goggle Models) as well as the newer ODS2 insert released last year (for Prophecy, Phenom, and Knowledge OTG Turbo Fan Goggle Models). I've found the ODS2 is the best RX insert I have ever tried.


ODS2 Description:


The ODS2 Rx Adaptor is the corrective eyewear solution you have been looking for. Integrating seamlessly into the PivLock V90/V90 Max sunglasses and the new Prophecy snow goggle, the Rx Adaptor easily snaps into place to provide the corrective vision required while maintaining the amazing field of view. Each kit comes complete with the Rx Adaptor, PivLock nose bridge, Prophecy nose bridge, microfiber cleaning and storage bag, and lens pattern that allows any optician to mount the lenses without delay at a very affordable price.




ODS info: http://store.prolens.com/smith-ods-rx-adapter-snow-goggles-p517.aspx

ODS2 info: http://www.smithoptics.com/products/#/Accessories/Goggle+Accessories/ODS2-RX+Adaptor/view/


Smith and everywhere else sells these for flat $50 and you can usually just go to your favorite optician for lenses. I will send the pairs with my old lenses mounted. I have original boxes and everything.


$25 each plus flat rate shipping.

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I am interested in these inserts.

I have 4 year old Smith Knowledge OTG goggles with Sensor lens.



John A. Davis

Gresham, OR


hikedance ATTTT gmail.com

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Does that include postage?

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I think only the original ODS inserts would work with those frames.


Keep in mind the ODS inserts, being older, you don't have the option of getting the lenses done anywhere. I think you have to bring the insert to a Smith Optics retailer (http://www.smithoptics.com/storelocator.html) and have them make/order lenses. (Prolens.com also does this)


The ODS2 insert's lenses can be created anywhere. They fit in 2010/11 and newer turbo fan goggles.


If still interested, send a PM! :)

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Original boxes, instructions, cases, sleeves included.

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Thanks Mike!

The lens holder fits perfect. Or at least it seems to me.

Heading to the Op to get my own lens made.

Boy, you really need those! I couldn't even see through the lenses you left in the googles.

Now to buy another new Sensor goggle lens. The best at least IMHO.




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For anyone else reading this, the OP needs the goggles besides the lens insert frames. They make the prescrption based on distance from the goggle too.

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Glad everything worked out.


ODS2 adapter is still available (for 2010 and later Smith Turbo fan series goggle frames.)

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I sent you a PM on the ODS2's I'll take them...

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good good good

My goggles and lenses are at the Op, getting done.

Wasn't as cheap as I thought, got the poly carb and digital (spread out over whole lens). But op said the insert stuff was in really good condition.


Thanks again Spokane Mike

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