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Ticket and Pass Deals

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Anyone have a line on where to get good deals on passes and tickets for Seven Springs?  Please disucss.  I have a daughter who goes to school in Pittsburgh and wants more time on the slopes.

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Sorry I didn't see this earlier, Cirque. Not sure what to tell you about good deals - 7 Springs is pretty bad about giving good deals on passes. They tend to be pretty expensive, especially considering the mountain. I will say that they have deals for season passes for college students, though. The pass for a full-time college student aged 18 - 24 is $299 (as opposed to the going price of $709 for an adult). If you buy earlier in the season (before June 1st, I think) it tends to be cheaper.


Since lift tickets can be nearly $70, the pass is worth it.


If you don't mind me asking, where does she go to school? I am working on my PhD at Pitt. PM me if you want to talk about meeting up or her getting up to the slopes. We have a ski shack about a mile down the road from 7 Springs, so we're up there a lot in the winter. Even with me being out for the season, I could hook her up with some Bears if she'd like. If not Bears, I know some college-aged kids who instruct up there who would be pretty welcoming. Let me know.

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Alison goes to Allegheny County Community now and will be going to Indiana in Pittsburgh next year.  We sometimes get back for the holidays, and have even been known to get together with Laural Hill Crazie, Taylormatt, Roundturns, Telerod and others in the area.   Next time, I'll be sure you're in on it.   Thanks!

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