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Boot Recomendations! Wide last, small ankle/heel & calves

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I have been snowboarding for 10 years and have decided to spend time skiing with my wife this year. I need to buy a pair of boots. I have a pair of 28.5 Head I- type boots and they absolutely crush my feet. Without the liners I can tell I need a wide boot. My problem is I have skinny ankles and heels. I have absolutely no calves and swim in the top half of the boot.. Where should I start looking first? Atomic Live fit, Lange Blaster, Full Tilt "the five" what brands would work best for a wide last, small heal and toothpick calves.




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We get these questions so often and from my standpoint the answer is always the same.  I see skiers daily that tell me they have a very difficult foot to fit and that it is very wide and yet I can't see any problems and their foot is a "C".  The reason they've had a problem is that they've never been to a boot fitting shop with any real understanding of the foot.


There are any number of boots that could work for you but I'd recommend you not worry about the models and instead spend your time locating an appropriate shop.



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I was just trying to get into the ball park. I live in Southern Italy and speak very little Italian. The resorts I spend most of my time in just want to sell boots and do very little boot fitting. I will get to the Alps this year but wanted to ski before i get there and I did not want to waist that trip waiting to get boots punched.I suspect that I might need a wide because I wear 4E new balances when I work out. As for the fit of my boots. without the liner I have a 1 cm behind my heel. My Metatarsal on both sides make contact with the boot all the way up to my big toe.. I was hoping to solve the small Calf problem and then get the boots punched.

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Well I think I'm jealous.  Perhaps I should consider a second location.  I understand your problem now but am not certain there is a solution to your waiting for a punch problem.  I am not aware of any boot that will fit a 4E without substantial work.  Perhaps one of the other guys will have some idea.



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closest i could think of would be an atomic B120 wide square and a "fairly" narrow heel/ankle by comparison

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Daleboot is an option. They will be able to fit your feet and legs for sure. Call or email Daleboot they will tell you how to get started.

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Thanks for all of the replies. My feet are why I have been snowboaring for so long. Salomon makes an awesome quality Wide snowboard boot. I am sure I can squeeze my feet into an E or EE for awhile. I wish their were more options for a modular boot so you can play with the Cuff, Tongue and tailor it more towards your needs.

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